Computer Engineering vs. Electrical Engineering

With the development of technology and digital today, electronic and computer engineering is an integral part. Most jobs today are associated with technology, from medicine, transportation education.

However, each profession requires different technical techniques, including electrical and computer engineering. Many people often misunderstand or cannot distinguish these two concepts to clarify them in the following article.

Basically, computer engineering can be understood as software development, web, and artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, electrical engineering is mainly doing electronic engineering, electrical circuits, and radar.


Engineering and computer engineering are new concepts to many people. So, first, let’s look at the most basic definitions of them.

Electrical Engineering

Have you ever wondered how the phone you are holding in your hand is made? The answer is thanks to electrical engineering. Electrical engineers are people who research and create electrical circuits that are applied in real life.

Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineering is all around us, from lights, fans, or electrical panels.

Not only that, this branch also includes the development of large electrical systems for both factories and vehicles. Electrical engineering also contributes greatly to today’s modern communications and signaling computer systems.

Computer Engineering

If the electrical engineering products you can feel and see, computer engineering can’t seem to do it. The products of computer architecture are software and techniques developed on digital platforms.

Computer Engineer

For example, word software, video games, or apps on your phone are all computer products.

Not only that, today’s computer engineer also focus on creating robots and AI software to meet human needs. Through those studies, life will become more and more convenient and easier.

Detailed Comparison

The above are just the most basic definitions of computer engineering and electrical engineering. With such knowledge alone, it is difficult to determine the difference between these two technical backgrounds.

So let’s compare computer engineering and electrical engineering from different angles to understand it most clearly.

1. Theoretical vs. Application

from Theoretical to Application

The theory and practice of the two professions will have relative differences. However, even if you study computer engineering or electrical engineering, you will still have to learn basic knowledge.

Once you have a solid foundation, you can specialize in more specialized subjects in your chosen field.

Computer engineering

In theory, computer engineering focuses on the research and development of software on computers. However, in reality, the work of EC engineers is getting wider and more cross-platform.

Not only do they develop computer software, but they also develop mobile applications. In addition, today, computer engineers also write software and program artificial intelligence for robots.

Electrical engineering

The work of electrical engineers will be easier to understand because it appears and serves basic needs in daily life.

They focus on programs, physical circuits. Electrical engineering refers to work related to electricity, radar waves, or signal transmission facilities.

It is understandable that if computer engineers and electrical engineers develop the same robot, they will ensure two different tasks.

Electrical engineering is responsible for the outer part, body, and electrical circuit assembly for the robot to move. And computer engineering will do the inside, manage and make the brain-machine.

2. Educational focus

studying in a library

Computer engineering

Because the specificity of computer engineering is working on digital platforms, you will have to know a lot about data science.

Computer engineers will equip themselves with knowledge in network security, programming, and artificial intelligence. Some programs also teach you how to code and create websites and apps.

People who learn computer engineering after graduation can do many different jobs. Some jobs that require aesthetics require computer engineers to equip themselves with knowledge of design or painting. This aesthetic may be due to their inherent talent or self-study, but few university training programs teach.

Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering is more about physics and circuit assembly skills. The electrical engineering curriculum focuses on teaching electrical courses, voltages, currents, and applications.

After finishing high school programs, electrical engineers can repair or design a home circuit board by themselves. Developing and assembling more difficult things requires electrical engineering to learn and learn more.

3. Salaries


Computer engineering and electrical engineering are both jobs that bring high wages and esteem to society. However, there will still be disparities due to the uneven number of workers and social needs.

You can still have a high salary no matter what field you work in, based on your experience and position.

Computer engineer

Nowadays, people pursuing a career in computer engineering will often have higher salaries.

The reason is that life is evolving, and people are paying more attention to developing digital technology. The average salary of a computer engineer is more than $127,038. This number can be lower if you are new to the profession or higher if you have better expertise.

Electrical engineer

The electrical engineer salary is around $78.580 or less. The reason is that right from the start, and electrical engineers worked with cheaper tools and machines.

The salary also partly reflects the educational level and technical requirements of each position. However, you can also strive for higher functions such as leadership to have a decent salary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electrical engineering and computer engineering are not as popular as many other professions like teachers or doctors. So finding information about these majors is not easy.

Therefore, we have compiled the following frequently asked questions and answers for you.

Can a computer engineer work as an electrical engineer?

Whether you are a computer engineer or an engineer, you must learn the basics before you start doing your profession.

In theory, they can understand the remaining area, but it is not easy to do. If a computer engineer wants to work as an electrical engineer, they need to learn more and practice more.

Do software companies hire electrical engineers?

The answer is definitely yes!

Each person trained and graduated with a different specialty. And that’s why you can’t ask someone with software expertise to fix the computer hardware.

Software companies mainly work on computers, creating applications. If the company loses power or the hard drive fails, an electrical engineer is needed because the computer engineer can’t do anything in this case.

What is the hardest engineering degree?

There is no standard for the hardest engineering degree. However, if you want to gain more knowledge or a degree, you can research and further study to a doctoral level.

Usually, engineers will stop at the university or vocational school level. The few who want to pursue a professional path or study further will go on to additionally check.


We have clarified the basic concepts and differences between electrical engineering and engineering computer. Hopefully, with the above knowledge, you will be able to choose the right job.