11 Movies About Computer Science That You Must Watch

Studying computer science and technology, in general, is one of the fascinating subjects. Fortunately, Hollywood provides you with the best films about computer science.

We put together a comprehensive list with lots of good movies on it. Check the following ranking to pick a movie for your chill weekends. Scroll down to discover right now!

This collection highlights the best movies about computer science. You may observe inspirational movies to rekindle your passion for programming.

1. Hackers


When this movie was first released in 1995, few people used the internet. In the movie Hackers, a team of hackers is responsible for developing a virus to sink five oil tankers.

Anybody familiar with computers nowadays would grimace at the false GUI in this film. Yet, Hackers succeed well in the cinematic department.

The acting is decent, the characters develop well, and the plot is excellent. The film is a classic for programmers and security enthusiasts since it was far ahead of its time.

Also, if you’re a fan of Angelina Jolie, you should see it. She gives a strong performance for a young actress.

You’ll appreciate the movie and feel nostalgic if you carefully think about the computer sequences. While Hackers wasn’t a hit with reviewers when it first came out, it has since gained much popularity.

2. The Matrix

The Matrix

This movie is the top film on our list with a computer science theme. It won four Academy Awards.

In this timeless movie, Neo, a computer hacker, follows a stunning stranger into a dangerous underworld. Suddenly, he learns that the reality he has been living in is actually “an elaborate deceit of a wicked cyber-intelligence.”

Because of this movie, many youngsters developed an interest in programming. The movie’s depiction of the ideas of loops and recursion benefited programmers.

3. The Social Network

The Social Network

This movie depicts the early stages of the formation of Facebook. The main character portrays Mark Zuckerberg’s personality.

The movie emphasizes the challenges during the development of the social networking platform. As a result, programmers adore this film so much.

The ups and downs Mark Zuckerberg experienced make the Social Network quite exciting. It is a motivating film about coding, high-tech businesses, and the ivy league setting.

4. The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game

In this movie, Alan Turing and his colleagues created the first computer in history. This movie tells about an actual event and tells the narrative of the Turing Machine.

This device is commonly referred to as the first modern computer architecture. In the end, the movie demonstrates how Alan and his colleagues managed to crack the Nazi Enigma Code.

Alan Turing’s invention played a crucial role in reducing the length of the conflict and saving lives. Besides, this film demonstrates the enormous progress made by humanity throughout history.

It inspires programmers to create new technological advancements. The development of electro-mechanical computers quickly followed Alan Turing’s innovation.

5. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

It’s a biographical movie released in 2015, four years after Steve Jobs’ passing. The preparation and demeanor of Steve Jobs backstage before the introduction of devices is the main subject of this film.

Michael Fassbender plays Jobs in the movie. Aaron Sorkin wrote the script, and Danny Boyle directed the film.

6. TRON Legacy

TRON Legacy

Programmers and testers should see TRON. The protagonist of this action-adventure classic is a programmer enmeshed in the digital realm.

His son saves him as the main character vanishes into the virtual world. The main character navigates back into the real world using his incredible programming abilities.

Even though TRON debuted in 1982, the special effects employed in the film are still awe-inspiring. It is an incredible result of creativity, filmmaking, and skillful implementation.

7. 12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys

Old-school hit 12 Monkeys was published in 1995. In the film, a disease created by humans and released from a computer-controlled laboratory wreaks havoc on the planet.

Willis’ character returns in time to learn more about that virus and prevent humankind from extinction. Brad Pitt’s performance earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the 1996 Oscar Awards.

8. Pirates of Silicon Valley

Pirates of Silicon Valley

The Pirates of Silicon Valley was published in 1999. The success of Apple and Microsoft is the subject of this film.

It explains how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs created a universally accessible personal computer. The film demonstrates their philosophy and process to make their premium computer line.

It also discusses the personalities responsible for shaping the modern technological landscape. Anyone interested in learning how personal computers were born can watch this movie.

9. Who Am I: No System is Safe

Who Am I: No System is Safe

It’s a crime drama released in 2014. The movie is about Benjamin, who is a young computer whiz.

He joins a shadowy hacking collective that aspires to become well-known internationally. It incorporates extensive Internet of Things (IoT), urban infrastructure, and computer-to-city structure communication.

It’s an action movie about coding and hacking. So anticipate something other than an actual narrative or an authentic documentary.

10. We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists

We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists

The documentary We Are Legion is about a group of “hacktivists” known as Anonymous. It’s a film exploring the complicated culture and history of hackers.

The documentary explores the group’s background, ideologies, and internal dynamics. Even interviews with convicts awaiting trial for cybercrimes are available in the movie.

11. The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

It’s an intriguing 2014 documentary movie that also tells the tale of one hacker, Aaron Swartz. He is a computer prodigy and information activist.

He co-created RSS, Creative Commons, web.py for Python, and Reddit. This magnificent narrative with tons of code jargon has a heartbreaking conclusion.

Therefore, the movie is also a timely reminder of the value of looking after our mental and physical health.


Why is computer science used in movies?

Computers aid in modeling, storyboarding, animation, lighting, texturing, and rendering. As a result, computers and computer science are crucial to the production of movies.

What problems does computer science solve in movies?

Computer science has altered how filmmakers create characters. CGI advancements make visual effects more believable.

Who is the father of computer science?

Charles Babbage proposed the idea for the first automated digital computer. In the 1830s, Babbage began to draft blueprints for the Analytical Engine.


In conclusion, these 11 movies have a lot in common. They pique your interest in computer science.

You may add these films to the programmers’ list of things to see. They may help you understand the relationship between computer science and movies and teach you new things.

We hope you like one of the recommended movies. Please advise these movies to your friends and coworkers if you enjoy them.