Computer Science vs. Information Systems: Which Is For You?

Computer science and information systems are both essential fields. These two special categories help to provide valuable insight for use in almost any aspect of social life. But which one is suitable for your interests and abilities?

So between computer science (CS) and computer information systems (CIS), which one is practical for you? Specific answers will be in the following article.

What is Computer Science?

Computer science is the study of computation and the application of computers in the development of hardware systems and device software.

Calculations are not like ordinary calculations because it’s not a number, and it doesn’t follow any rules. Specifically, it has a lot to do with electronic or mechanical devices to perform intelligent, logical, and efficient calculations.

Meanwhile, the software is a collection of programs that manage the overall operation. Each program may contain a subset to perform specific functions.

Computers science

Functionally, science can help you gain the knowledge and skills you need for your dream programming job. However, you need to find yourself a reputable study address with your efforts.

Science can be most practical for the general development of society. So with an information system, is it good or not? Please refer to the information below!

What is Information Systems?

The information system is a typical branch of science. It develops through applying information technology to business and several other related fields.

Unlike many different areas, info systems mainly deal with collecting, storing, processing, and distributing data to an agency or organization to perform necessary management tasks.

Info systems

Majoring in systems will help you learn about engineering and business. To make good use of knowledge for business, you need to plan your learning.

Typical courses for you include programming, database administration, and web development. In addition, there will still be some other related areas, such as system security or info activity monitoring.

Key Differences

The field of science tends to be more technical than the field of info systems. Specifically, the difference between these two fields will be in the article below!

Comparison Table

Computers scienceComputers information system
TaskComputer science is more engineering-oriented with specialized encoders for software operations.Management and monitoring functions for construction information programs.
Education4 years for university system2 years with the college system
CareerComputer science career titles are broad with excellent coverage.Coverage is lower with certain occupational categories.


For science professionals, they are to make software programs and applications.

Meanwhile, their central part is implementing and managing software for the relevant agency or organization for info systems professionals.

Study path

The learning path of these two fields has certain overlaps. The most typical is the output requirements to achieve effective work results.

In science programs, it includes detailed theoretical and technical knowledge. Knowledge tends to be more specialized with info systems programs.

The product created

The science professionals can create specialized software and systems for the operation and management of the entire system. The professionals are to make decisions about the strategy and usage of that system.

Job Title for Computer Science

Science is a hot field, with job opportunities increasing yearly. If you are passionate about this major, you can refer to some of the career titles below.

  • IT Support Specialist: The primary job of this title is to be the initial support contact for customers. They are the ones who take on the responsibility of consulting and responding to customers quickly.
  • Cloud Architect: The role of this job is to help people and businesses migrate their computing infrastructure and applications to the cloud.
  • Support Specialist: A support specialist is also a professional technical support specialist. The main job of this title is to analyze, evaluate and troubleshoot network problems.
  • Network Administrator: As the name suggests, network administrators have the role of monitoring, remediation, and ideal solutions to enhance system performance.
  • Hardware Engineer: Maintaining and developing the hardware necessary for computers to function is the primary responsibility of this career title.
  • Security Analyst: In this job, the primary function is to secure, identify, and remediate related incidents.

Job Title for Information Systems

Compared to science, info systems have a lower employment rate of 11%.

To be perfect for a career in this field, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline. Some career titles include

  • Programmer: The main job of a programmer is to use specialized coding to build and develop applications.
  • Security Specialist: A security specialist is to protect the system from threats and security holes.
  • Data Analyst: Each data analyst is responsible for organizing and operating the system to ensure fast and efficient access.
  • System Analyst: The primary function of a systems analyst is to analyze, design, and implement business information.

Pros and Cons

Computer science is a dominant field compared to many other majors.

Computer scienceComputer information systems
Pros– Maximum support for global technology development.
– Open up opportunities for the formation of modern management models.
– Help effectively solve security problems.
– Favorable for socio-economic development.
– Setting up and administering network systems and databases.
– Solving many real-life problems.
– Actively supporting people in socio-economic development.
Cons– Learners need to practice diligence and spend a lot of time learning info.-The time requirements of information systems can be longer.

Which Career is Better For You?

There are many similarities between sciences and information systems. As an experienced person with many years of experience in the field, I think computer science is an area that you should consider carefully.

Sciences often focus on engineering and software development, helping you increase your knowledge and practice on various problems.

But, that is not to say that computer information systems are unnecessary. This field is heavily toward information and data governance. If you like this issue, you can choose it for your career development.


I have a detailed analysis of the above article on choosing computer science or computer information systems. Both of these fields are important in modern society with high job opportunities.

The science may be better in some typical respects than info systems. Hopefully, the information above will help you choose the right path.