Computer Trainer Salary in Montana (MT)

The average computer trainer salary in Montana is $93,916 per year, or $45.15 per hour, compared to the national average salary of $81,975 per year.

The table below shows the average salary of computer trainers in MT, whether in metro or non-metro areas, including hourly, weekly, monthly, and annual wages.


Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Area, Montana

Billings, MT(0013740)$38.57$1,543$6,686$80,227
East-Central Montana nonmetropolitan area(3000006)$42.34$1,694$7,339$88,066
Great Falls, MT(0024500)$30.12$1,205$5,220$62,642
Missoula, MT(0033540)$33.17$1,327$5,750$68,995
Southwest Montana nonmetropolitan area(3000003)$39.57$1,583$6,859$82,310
West Montana nonmetropolitan area(3000004)$40.42$1,617$7,006$84,076