Cybersecurity Specialist Salary in New Mexico (NM)

The average cybersecurity specialist salary in New Mexico is $118,757 per year, or $57.09 per hour, compared to the national average salary of $116,920 per year.

The table below shows the average salary of cyber security specialists in NM, whether in metro or non-metro areas, including hourly, weekly, monthly, and annual wages.

New Mexico$57.09$9,896$118,757

Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Area, New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM(0010740)$55.64$2,226$9,644$115,731
Eastern New Mexico nonmetropolitan area(3500007)$57.49$2,300$9,966$119,588
Las Cruces, NM(0029740)$52.42$2,097$9,087$109,039
Northern New Mexico nonmetropolitan area(3500006)$58.73$2,349$10,180$122,159
Santa Fe, NM(0042140)$48.43$1,937$8,395$100,741