Does Computer Engineering Require Math?

Mathematics is a compulsory subject in the educational curricula in most countries because this is the core foundation for you to understand deeply from which to learn advanced in several careers later.

So, does computer engineering require math?

Yes, computer engineers have applied mathematical skills to digital processing and analysis.

Basically, math is almost one of the mandatory requirements for them. So, if you want to be an engineer, a master’s in algorithms is essential.

Why is Math Required for Computer Engineering?

Mathematics is a necessary and mandatory condition if you want to become a professional computer engineer.

You will not fully understand the importance of this subject of using your mind until you put them into practice.

We re-emphasize that algorithmic is essential in computer data analysis.

When you start and go deep into the technical profession, you will be able to apply logic to study the principles of electrical circuits or analyze the corresponding ratios. Some specific examples are such as:

  • Analyze the distance between the spaced components in the motherboard and predict the electrical components’ heat dissipation rate.
  • Calculating the electrical capacity that the loaded wire runs
  • Properly analyze the mean time between failures MTBF of the motherboard power and then calculate the specific statistics.
  • Design the path of the main circuit wires in the clock circuit

As you probably know, all of the above applications need computational techniques and practical use of numbers to analyze meaningful arguments.

What Level of Math Is Required?

For those who choose a career at the university or college level, to graduate on time or get an engineering degree, you need to meet the output standards of each school.

Likewise, each school has different requirements. But the most important thing is to complete the program for differential or analytic calculations, integrals.

Usually, you will need to apply a large amount of algebraic algorithmic knowledge that applies to many different topics, rarely the formulas of trigonometry and geometry are used.

Can You Study Engineering if You are Bad at Math?

On this question, there will be two streams of different opinions.

Engineers use advanced mathematic in college

The first is “No.” Why? As we’ve said quite a few times, algorithmic is a mandatory subject you need to pass in a technical program like calculus or differential equations.

However, in most cases, you won’t need to think about working with advanced subjects when you go to work. The tips will be over to the computing device to perform, and you need to remember the principles carefully after they are summarized and applied in practice.

In short, with algorithmic, you need to know well to pass the subject, understand the rules to make the right decisions in reasoning operations.

Do Practicing Engineers Use All the Advanced Math?

It depends on the profession you choose in which engineering field to decide the answer.

If you are an innovator or engineer responsible for system management, many advanced mathematical theories need to be applied. But in contrast to architects or graduate students, the results are not so much.

Sometimes you have to research or develop new algorithms yourself if the computer can’t tolerate existing or copied arguments. That’s why engineers who require advanced algorithms are experienced. 

Quite different when compared to recent graduates or junior engineers, they are not often put to use and put their advanced skills into practice. Because of this, many people think that advanced courses at the university level are entirely useless.


Here are some common questions that many newbies often ask. Check them out for details!

What kind of math is for computer engineering?

mathematics for engineering

The school requires almost all university students to participate in math courses, including calculus 1-3, differential equations, linear algebra, calculus, and closed math.

Can I do computer science without algorithms?

The answer is no, and you cannot do computer science or hope to advance in your career if you are not good at algorithms because this is an essential and core subject for an in-depth understanding of the discipline. However, if you choose to manage computer science, you do not need to be very good at calculus.

How is the algorithm used in computers?

There are quite a few uses of algorithms when applied to computers. First of all, its essence is to guide students to familiarize themselves with symbols and abstract languages. 

Develop new algorithms that make mental algorithms easier, analyze logical thinking, and model analytical thinking in real life.


In the above article, we have clearly stated the importance of math for the computer engineering profession. Hopefully, through the above article, you will better understand the issues involved to make the most accurate decision.