Enhance Your Digital Products with User-Centred Design Research

In the challenging post-pandemic era, businesses are realising the increasing significance of differentiating their offerings, satisfying customer needs, and fostering business innovation – with strategic digital transformation and knowledgeable consulting partners.

Having an understanding of the value of user research

User research is an essential component of designing digital products. It aids businesses in comprehending the demands and goals of their users and clients. To learn about and comprehend the needs of the users, a skilled digital product designer will go through a discovery process. Interviews with users, stakeholders, and customers as well as desk research on the competitive landscape may be a part of this process. User personas—short, shareable documents that characterise an ideal user in terms of their needs, pain points, behaviours, mindset, and other characteristics—are made using the data amassed during this process.

How does user-centred design help to increase product quality?

An exceptional chance to work with their target market and develop products that actually satisfy their needs is provided by designers who take a user-centred approach to design.

Gaining a thorough understanding of their users enables user-centred designers to come up with a variety of novel ideas that are directly influenced by the needs and preferences of those who will actually be using their products. This design methodology gives designers the freedom to produce digital solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and effective, giving users a seamless and pleasurable experience.

Using User Research to Improve Customer Experience

A luxury hospitality group and the London-based agency Elsewhen recently worked together to improve the usability of the group’s unique App. The business manages upscale members’ clubs all over the world, and it was having problems with its internal customer app due to its muddled navigation and unclear design.

The CTO and leadership of the client were partners in a 14-week project to address high-priority issues. The team held three workshops and seven customer interview sessions in order to get feedback and comprehend the issues and priorities of the client. The team developed design suggestions to enhance the App during the discovery phase and validated hypotheses regarding the major issues with the App.

The redesign highlighted transactions and reservations while showcasing other features that were more practical. For the client, the project produced research, suggestions, prototypes, and an implementation plan. Elsewhen developed a high-fidelity prototype as part of this work, tested it, and assisted the client in creating a culture where experimentation and evidence-based decision-making were valued equally.

User research, in short, is essential to the design of digital products. It aids businesses in comprehending user and customer needs and expectations so they can develop products that satisfy those needs. A global hospitality group was able to make significant changes to its customer app and enhance the overall customer experience thanks to user research conducted by Elsewhen.