Hiring Ukrainian Software Developers: the Benefits and Costs to be Expected

The IT industry is taking a major shift, allowing businesses to explore more opportunities and results. Many countries are putting their efforts into this industry because of the capabilities this industry has to offer. One of those countries is Ukraine. Planning to hire software developers in Ukraine? Keep reading this blog.

Almost every top list of developers contains the name of Ukrainian developers. And there are plenty of reasons for that. Back in 2020, Ukraine’s IT market was lying at around $4.5 billion. It is now more than that. Ukraine is the preferred choice of every company because, in 2020, Ukraine IT developers added about 19% in quantity. There is a 24% growth in 2022. In simple words, 250,000 developers were added to the fleet of Ukraine’s IT industry. Honestly, this number is expected to grow more in the upcoming years because Ukraine’s developers have outstanding skills.

There is another reason why people hire Ukrainian software developers. Every year, 20,000 Ukrainian IT specialists graduate from multiple institutions. It is by far the on the top in terms of the number of IT graduates. That means there is a wide choice whenever you are trying to hire software development team from Ukraine.

Where to Find & Hire Software Developers in Ukraine

There are multiple ways through which you can hire software developers in Ukraine. Regardless of the methods, there is not a huge difference between the models that we have mentioned down below. Let’s talk about these models before wasting any other second.

Hire Offshore Development Team

Offshore development team hiring is a method in which a company hires a team that is from another country. However, some people confuse it with nearshoring.

Nearshoring is a model in which a country hires a team from a country nearer to it. If a firm in Pakistan wants to hire a team from Iran, it will be nearshoring. However, if a Pakistani firm was developers from Ukraine, it would be offshoring. The advantages of this model are:

Round the-clock working: Hiring software developers from Ukraine using an Offshore business model ensures 24/7 work. This enables a faster turnaround time and improves the efficiency of the work.

Flexibility: Introducing an offshore developer is relatively easier than hiring an in-house employee. It takes less time to introduce and give access to the offshore team. In comparison, there are additional efforts in recruiting and paperwork.

Hire Freelancers

If you are planning to hire software engineers in Ukraine for a small project, the best method is to go for freelance Ukrainian developers. There are a variety of platforms through which you can get your freelance developer. Such platforms are Upwork, Fiverr, and Peopleperhour. Going for freelance developers has a lot of advantages, such as

Wide range of talent: Freelancing platforms are filled with millions of lancers who have different expertise. A time will come in your project when you’ll need people of different expertise. Freelance developers are a perfect solution for this. There is a chance that you will get your hands on a developer who has multiple skills.

Efficiency: Another important benefit that a freelance software developer from Ukraine can offer is efficiency. See, there are a variety of lancers available on the platform. With this, freelancers can fill the gap in skills that are required for completing the project. If the results are not satisfactory, a firm always has the option to replace the freelancer. Moreover, the working rate of freelancers depends on the project, and there is always a window of negotiation. Plus, there will be a fast turnaround. Combining all the factors, freelancers provide great efficiency in the project.

Costs to Hire Software Developers in Ukraine

There is another important reason why Ukrainian developers are popular all over the world. And, that is, they are affordable. The cost of living in Ukraine is relatively cheaper than UK or USA, hence which results in lower project costs.

In Ukraine, you can hire an IT specialist at the rate of $30 to $80 an hour. But, there are a lot of factors that play into the costs. For instance, the rate can also depend on the project and time duration. But, the bottom line is they are more affordable than the rest of the developers.


Planning to hire software developers in Ukraine is the best solution because of a number of factors. Ukraine has a huge pool of talent. That makes it perfect for a company that is looking to develop software. Moreover, they are affordable, making them perfect if you are on a budget.