How can a Computer Engineer Become an Entrepreneur?

No other qualifications offer grads the chance to enter as many employment areas as computer engineering.

You can work or run your own business in energy, IT, communications, finance, aerospace, and more with just a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

So, what should a computer engineer do to be an entrepreneur, aside from acquiring a bachelor’s degree?

There are at least four key things to bear in mind if you want to secure success:

  1. Flexible
  2. Solve innovative problems
  3. Be a good team player and collaborator
  4. Be resilient

From Computer Engineering to Entrepreneurship

Being entrepreneurial brings a lot of benefits but also challenges. Below are four strategies that help you minimize and deal with those obstacles when performing as a start-up owner.

1. Be An Innovative Problem Solver

Most successful entrepreneurial engineers share creativity and one-of-a-kind thinking in common. They’re acute and good at problem-solving.

When problems arise, these deep thinkers will dedicate time with their teams to understand the issue and brainstorm radical solutions and feasible optionality.

Usually, being an innovative problem solver means reimagining the conventional way of solving things and coming up with a new door.

2. Be An Excellent Team Player and Collaborator

In essence, entrepreneurs are self-starters and work independently. But it doesn’t mean they always do everything alone.

An excellent business should be well aware of teamwork’s importance and learn how to effectively work across disciplines and teams, from executive teams and operations to design and product teams.

It’s imperative to learn when to collaborate, tap into fellow teams, and reach satisfactory decisions.

3. Be Flexible

Flexibility is a necessary quality for any leader. It’s not too far-stretched to say entrepreneurs are chameleons since they have to be acute, highly adaptable, and adjust to any situation.

Once you embark on being a self-starter, you need to prepare yourself to take on any challenge while supporting your teams and prioritizing the most vital tasks.

4. Be Resilient

Last but not least, entrepreneurial players should be resilient. Believe us; there’s no success without failure. No accomplished start-ups grow without failing.

They’re successful since they’ve failed. But the point is these engineers have learned from the wrong and made it right.

There will be times when things don’t go as expected. Systems might break, or your company might design bad code, for example.

But you have to rectify your mistake by coming up with radical solutions and alternative paths. That’s how big companies propel themselves to grow.

Startup Organizational Chart: General manager, Co-founder, SEO & marketing, Development team, Design team, Finance/HR/Admin

What Businesses Can A Computer Engineer Start?

Have you got the relevant experience and undergone specialized training? Now is the time to consider some profitable business ideas.

1. Software and Web Development

Should you be adept at developing websites and coding, starting a business providing these services is good.

Many DIY websites creating tools are pretty restrictive and usually time- and energy-consuming to use. That’s why people will need a reliable software and web developers who help them build a stand-out, professional, and unique site.

2. Computer Repair

Electronic devices are hard to repair as any wrongdoing will ruin them. Thus, this small business idea is a worth-trying option if you know them well.

Offering repair services is a remarkably lucrative move since a network crash, or computing malfunction might cost some firms hundreds of dollars or even more.

It’s also possible to provide phone repair services. Your business will be in high demand when run as a multitasking start-up.

3. Computer Training

Training programs are the most lucrative services that an entrepreneurial engineer should consider because:

  • Companies splurge a median of $8,000 a year on IT training for staff.
  • The global market for computer training is worth nearly a whopping $28 billion.
  • There are numerous options to generate profits, including online courses or classes and one-to-one or brick-and-mortar training.

4. Battery Reconditioning

Since more and more are using computers and becoming conscious of charges simultaneously, there is an increasing need for battery reconditioning services. As an engineer, you can also offer these services for:

  • Laptop batteries
  • Smartphone batteries
  • Other rechargeable gadgets


Can Computer Engineers Be Entrepreneurs?

As said, computer engineers can easily be their own boss and kickstart their careers in many areas: research, law, teaching, medicine, and more.

So, yes. These workers can have great entrepreneurship because the computing field plays a vital role in the modern-age world’s development, from discovering outer space to providing accurate medical diagnoses.

Which Engineering Is Best For Entrepreneurship?

As long as you’re working in any brand of engineering, you can launch an entrepreneurial business. All branches would offer you ideal exposure to kickstart your business in a specialized engineering area.

Yet, most new businessmen come from either telecom and electronics or computer science.

How Can I Grow My Computer Business?

It’s crucial to think about what groups of customers you want to target and if your services apply to them to secure sustainable growth for your company.

Also, you’d better research the market well and assess the competition. Ensure you can stay one step ahead of other opponents by improving your skills and services or cutting costs to offer customers competitive prices.


Indeed, there’s no specific profile or background for entrepreneurs. Everyone can be a business owner, and so is a computer engineer.

If you already have experience in computing and technology, there are numerous areas you can make an entry into. Put what you’ve learned from this article into practice, and you’re on the way to creating an accomplished start-up.