How Can A Cyber Security Degree Improve Your Market Value?

If you work in the tech industry, then you are likely very concerned with your “market value.” This term refers to your attractiveness to employers. If you have poor market value, then you will find it very difficult to find permanent – or any – work. A cyber security degree can significantly boost your market value, especially if you work in the security sector.

With that said, a cyber security degree can be of use no matter which sector you work in, as long as you work in the tech industry. This article will further explore this topic, explaining how a cyber security degree can improve your market value:

Academic Experience

One of the main ways that a cyber security degree can improve your “market value” is because it gives you academic experience, which is highly desirable. Companies will be reluctant to hire somebody that doesn’t have academic training in the field in which they intend on working. The best part about many online degrees, however, is that you do not need to take a written test at the end of them. It’s possible to attain your online master’s in cyber security with no GRE, which is perfect for people that hate exams. An online course allows you to get academic experience, without having to complete written tests.

Professional Experience

Cyber security degrees do not just give you academic experience, but also professional experience. The reason for this is that many online courses will require you to participate in roleplay and simulation events, whereby you make decisions that you would have to make in a real business setting. You may also have to participate in some kind of work experience, although this is unlikely in a distance learning setting. Online degrees also give you the opportunity to network with business professionals, which we will explore in greater detail next. All of this, collectively, gives you a great deal of professional experience, ultimately allowing you to hone your skills. Professional experience is very desirable. Employers will put you at the top of their shortlist if you have it, in addition to the academic experience.

Security Expertise

You don’t have to work in the cyber security industry to need a degree or qualification. Since most businesses operate, to an extent, online nowadays, having a degree in cyber security will make you much more attractive. You will be able to protect your employer’s online assets, with your security expertise. By having a cyber security degree, you may be able to ask for a higher salary than what the employer is offering. All in all, having a degree in cyber security makes you more attractive, useful, and effective.

Online Fraud

Following on from our previous point, by having expertise in online security, not only will you be able to implement safeguarding measures, but you will also be able to identify and detect fraud and scams. This will improve your employer’s business, ensuring that they do not fall victim to any kind of fraud. You will also know how to manage their customer’s data more effectively, which we will come to shortly. Online fraud is rampant nowadays, so having a degree in cyber security is going to help your employers to feel more confident and more relaxed.

Data Privacy

As already mentioned, with a degree in cyber security, you will be able to implement measures and policies that ensure your employers are able to manage their customer’s data better. Data privacy is absolutely essential in today’s world, where fraud and identity theft are extremely common. If your employer does not manage their data safely, then they could expose their customers to these things, which could, in turn, result in them losing a lot of business, and more importantly, their customer’s trust. Data privacy is absolutely essential, so make sure that you study it extensively when you are completing your course, to improve your market value.


Finally, we arrive at confidence. By having a degree, you instill confidence in your employers. They know that you are not somebody that doesn’t take their future seriously. You are somebody that cares about their future, their education, and their career. A degree in cyber security also gives your new employers the confidence that you can protect their digital assets. Confidence is a great thing for employers to have because it means that they will trust you a lot more. Acquiring a degree is the best way to get an employer to trust you.

A cyber security degree can significantly boost your market value, making you infinitely more attractive to employers. As this article shows, there are many reasons for this. The higher the qualification level, the more desirable that you will be.