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How Does Hacking Work? Everything You Need to Know

Unauthorized access to personal data is a special concern in the technology world. Hacking actions can destroy computer networks and cause security leaks.

Hacking mainly has negative connotations for most internet users. So, you may wonder: How do hackers hack? What are the best methods against hackers?

Hackers use many techniques to create unsafe programs or links. From there, they quickly gained access to computer systems and the internet.

That will be an excellent opportunity for them to steal data related to individuals or organizations and sell them for money.

So, here are some common tricks hackers use to cheat in cyberspace:

1. Password Hack

Hacking passwords is the most common technique that every hacker has mastered. So, hackers can access your passwords and apps using sequences of numbers, letters, and characters.

Besides, they also use many other tricks or programs that insert fields to easily steal passwords from your device.

2. Harnessing The Wireless Network

Instead of using computer code and algorithms to break into networks or computers, hackers will target insecure wireless networks.

Haven’t you set up your router’s security since you installed it? That means you enable hackers to exploit your data over an open wireless connection. So, you need to reset your router now to ensure no one else can access your devices.

3. Email Address Tracking

Are your emails with partners, colleagues, and friends safe? The answer is no. Hackers can create code with some tricks to intercept and read your emails.

Fortunately, today’s email programs have adopted highly secure formulas. It will be hard for hackers to see what’s inside even if they intercept your mail.

Some hackers will create a copy similar to the website the user will visit. When you click on the link and log in, they get your login username and password.

You won’t be able to detect the issues or see what’s wrong because they will redirect you to the actual website. That’s why I advise you to be careful when accessing social media links.

5. Through Malware

Installing malware is a simple way for hackers to get into your device. Any email, text messages, and software downloads are highly susceptible to being hacked and stolen by hackers.

Seasoned hackers have studied attacks for a long time to break safety with sensitive data. When you open the attachments, it launches and spreads the virus to the computer system, making it easy for hackers to steal data.

6. Mining Engineering

Mining engineering is a technique that requires a lot of skill and knowledge. Its primary purpose is to exploit the victim’s access to information.

Hackers will trick you into revealing your information through psychological tricks and fake identities. So be wary of scams, spam, and fake websites.

7. Key Access Log

Your name, address, and related data will always be in the vital access log when you visit certain websites. Thus, that is also where hackers often target to pick up the fastest security information.

They attack the files running on the website and exploit this to know the password you have saved to the website. Sometimes, they can delete some or all of the files and stop the website from working.

8. Use The Zombie Calculator

The most apparent hacking method is to use the zombie calculator. Through this tool, hackers will send spam and carry out large-scale attacks on your data.

They can secretly control the computer system and spread your mail and data.

9. Cheat

They will send you spam or subtly direct you to a strange link to install a tracking program on your computer easily. This program records your actions and provides everything for them to steal your secure identity.

10. Inside Threats

Inside threats are no longer strange to most companies today, significantly when employees’ dissatisfaction and greed are increasing. Hackers will manipulate the human psyche to try to convince employees to reveal company secrets.

Sometimes they even perform more technical attacks on the internal network and take all they need.

11. Change Web Data

The last way black hat hackers can use it is to change web data. Accordingly, cybercriminals create a copy of a famous website and attach many codes inside.

So, if they successfully trick you into logging in, they can gain access to the private files inside.

How To Prevent Hacking?

Protect Yourself from Hacking

There are many ways for hackers to steal your data. So we guide you through the common ways to prevent hacking in the section below. Let’s check it out now!

1. Create A Strong Enough Password

The first important thing is creating and using a strong enough user password. It will help you prevent hackers from accessing your information.

A password is strong enough if it consists of 12 or more characters and is flexible between letters and numbers.

Besides, it would help if you used a different password for all online accounts. While this will make tracking or managing your passwords difficult, it certainly gives you more security.

2. Multi-Factor Authentication

In addition to strong passwords, setting up a multi-factor authenticator for your online accounts might be necessary. The MFA feature can be handy to you, and it is a code sent via SMS or generated from the password you use.

3. Access Management

Access history usually appears when you use the internet or access multimedia content. Therefore, you need to actively remove traces to ensure there are no loopholes for hackers to get your identity.

Some helpful ways you can consider:

  • Delete unused apps and accounts
  • Set up the necessary privacy settings on social networks
  • Avoid disclosing information in public and on posts
  • Regularly check your browser and delete unnecessary cookies
  • Use security tools, anti-tracking or incognito browsing
  • Only click on the links you trust and be wary of spam emails or messages.


How hackers get into your computer? In a nutshell, hackers employ tactics to develop hazardous programs or links to attack the computer system.

In this post, we also give you the most valuable tips to prevent hacking. Be very careful because any network security incident can be detrimental to you.

Was this article helpful to you? If you have any problems, feel free to ask us to receive timely answers. Thanks for reading!