How Hard Is It to Get a CE Job at Google?

You graduated from computer engineering (CE) and dreamed of working for Google. But you wonder, “How difficult is it to get a job at Google as a professional computer engineer?”.

The recruitment requirements of this company are quite high. You prepare well with knowledge, psychology, and an attractive resume, you are fully capable of working at this company.

This article will provide you with detailed information to answer the above question. Let’s get right into the details!

Computer Engineer at Google LLC

Google is a large company with a worldwide scale, making their requirements extremely harsh.

In recent years, this company is gradually lowering the unnecessary requirements for candidates. It makes computer engineers’ chances of getting a job higher than ever.

So what is the main cause of the failure of the candidates?

The lack of preparation is undoubtedly the biggest cause of undesired results. If you don’t want the worst-case scenario, prepare mentally and with your resume.

Here are some important skills that computer engineers need to have when applying for a job:

  • Proficient in algorithms

This company’s recruiters are very concerned with issues related to algorithms, such as run time or balance. 

  • Ready to prove your strength

Prove yourself whenever you receive a request. It is a good opportunity for employers to see your bravery and ability.

  • Fluent in Google Docs

While other companies require engineers to code on CoderPad, this company uses Google Docs. To make your test run more smoothly, spend a lot of time practicing with Docs.

Welcome to Google Docs

Mastering the above skills will help you reduce the difficulty of applying to work at this company. The next step, be confident and submit your application now!

How To Apply for a Job at Google?

If you’re still wondering about the application process of this company as a computer engineer, then scroll down. We’ll give you a closer look through the three steps below.

1. Contact

The first step you need to take is to leave the recruiter a good first impression. 

If the employer knows you through a few referrals, they will have a good view of you. At the same time, they are more confident about your workability than other candidates.

Of course, a great CV will make you stand out from the crowd. But what makes success sometimes is the credibility that the other party sees in you.

That’s why it’s best to have a wide network to apply to big companies, like Google.

2. Write A Perfect Resume

Google has very high requirements on employee competencies, so an attractive CV will make employers have a good assessment of you.

Our advice is to define the position you are applying for clearly. Then, organize your CV to suit this job instead of just a generic resume.

Make sure you mention your past accomplishments, as well as your work experience.

3. Be Persistent In Any Circumstances

We all know how difficult it is to apply successfully to this company. Therefore, perseverance will certainly be the key to getting the best success.

Not all computer engineers successfully apply CVs to big companies like this. Therefore, you need to quickly regain your spirit and gain more experience to be ready for the next challenge.

If you are also in this situation, cheer up! After six months, go back and show them what you’ve accomplished!


How To Become a Computer Engineer at Google?

Want to apply to work as a computer engineer at this company? Here are all the steps you need to take:

  • Gather all the knowledge about computers (hardware, code, etc.).
  • Gain knowledge through personal projects.
  • Get work experience by doing an internship.
  • Be proficient in data structures- algorithms.
  • Be fluent in coding and get ready for tests in the field.
  • Apply, and be ready to reapply if you fail.
Google search engine

Does Google hire freshers?

According to official sources, this company always needs to recruit young elite computer engineers to work for their company. Even if the applicant is a fresher, they also have a lot of opportunities to work for this company.

Do You Need a CS Degree to Work at Google?

Having an extra computer science (CS) degree will make the working profile more attractive. But don’t worry because a CS degree is not necessary for computer engineers working at this company.

Final Verdict

What it takes to get a computer engineering job at Google? We believe that all the information above can help you a lot in your upcoming job application.

The opportunity to work for this company, whether or not, all depends on yourself. So, let’s start planning to conquer the dream of being a Google computer engineer!