How Long Does it Take to Become a Computer Engineer?

The future of computer engineers is exceptionally bright. The reason is that more and more electronic devices are attached to our daily lives, leading to an increase in the demand for computer engineers.

The rapid proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices is a prime example of the rapid proliferation of computer devices.

4 to 7 years

Before becoming a computer engineer, you will have to complete an education at a university or college, usually four to seven years

Specifically, a bachelor’s program, which lasts four years, is the essential requirement for most entry-level jobs in computer engineering. You can then continue for two years to earn a master’s degree to advance your career.

You also have the option of taking up a Ph.D. to achieve your professional goals or delving into specific concepts.

1. Get an Associate Degree

If you cannot afford to pursue a 4-year bachelor’s degree, choosing an associate’s degree program is wise.

After entering associate’s degree programs, you must ensure that you can transfer to a 4-year institution after completing your two-year course. 

As a result, you’ll have a better chance of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the years to come, saving you money and time.

2. Get A Bachelor’s Degree

As mentioned above, this degree is a required qualification for most employers. The standard curriculum will include the following coursework:

  • Data structures
  • Software design
  • Programming
  • Systems analysis

You can also choose advanced training options, depending on your interests with topics like:

  • Software quality
  • Enterprise architecture
  • R&D
  • Artificial intelligence

It is essential to ensure that your program is accredited by ABET (the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) when choosing a program.

3. Become An Intern

It is wise to seek internships while studying to gain work experience. Intern at tech companies to understand how the industry works.

A good idea is to choose a company that produces and deploys middleware, operating systems, games, or utility applications.

Another good option is to do an internship at a non-tech company that uses technology for its operations, such as inventory, billing, and payroll. For example, you can do an internship as a technician or computer support specialist at that company.

Internship during your studies is always the best way to gain experience and apply your knowledge.

4. Get Certified

The fact is that you are not required to have a certificate. However, having a certificate along with a bachelor’s degree will significantly increase your advantage. It will showcase your expertise, making a big impression on employers.

5. Get A Job

Most students get entry-level jobs in computer engineering after earning their bachelor’s degree.

You need to find positions that relate to your expertise and skills and ensure that you meet the minimum standards for the job.

Go online, research your preferred company thoroughly, and follow the instructions for submitting your resume and cover letter.

6. Target For Higher Studies

You will get an excellent job with your bachelor’s degree. But if you are interested in higher-paying management jobs, you need a master’s degree. The fact is that those pursuing a master’s degree aim to a management or leadership position.

It will take you two years to earn your master’s degree. However, it is worth the investment. Proof that you can earn a very well-paying position with a bachelor’s degree. Alternatively, if you are interested in higher-level roles, consider studying for a doctorate.


1. Is it hard to become a computer engineer?

Yes. It is a great career option for a promising career. 

It offers you many job opportunities such as designing,  development, IT manager,  digital marketing, etc. So, in our opinion, it is an excellent way to make a great career.

2. How do I become this engineer?

The minimum requirement is the completion of a 4-year bachelor’s degree.

3. Do computer engineers get paid?

Sure. It is one of the highest-paying positions.

4. What Are The Benefits of Learning CE?

Here are some reasons to pursue computer engineering:

  • Do meaningful work for humanity. 
  • Job opportunities are wide open.
  • Get a competitive salary. 


Hopefully, our article gives you all the information you need to become a computer engineer. In general, it will take you about 4-7 years to complete your undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, depending on your needs.