How Many Programming Languages Are There?

Learning programming languages will be a must if you want to work within the IT field. However, newbies may need help choosing a suitable one to pursue for years among the many languages available today.

You’ll be wondering: How many programming languages are there in the world? This article will give the answer and provide information on the top popular languages. Through this knowledge, you can make the best study decision for yourself.

Let’s dive into these in-depth analyzes in the following article!

How Many Programming Languages Are There?

According to HOPL, there are about 8,945 coding languages as of now. Yet, only 250 to 2500 can be helpful and shared in real projects.

Coding languages help humans work computers. Through these languages, the computer can know the commands and do the work required by the human.

Among these encodings, the languages scientists and engineers use to create software and websites are programming languages.

Scientists create many languages to fit various projects and requirements. Many new languages are also born to improve the drawbacks of previous versions.

The information about the most common languages we provide below will help you choose the right languages. From there, you can focus on learning and rapidly become a master in your favorite language.

1. JavaScript


Coders mainly use JavaScript to build and run websites with high traffic and engagement. Besides, they often combine this programming language with HTML to enhance the features in the product.

Front-end experts build websites powered by JavaScript with online libraries and simple syntax. Its friendliness helps newbies get started on their first projects without too much trouble.

2. C/C++

Any coder must know how to use C and C++. A programmer needs to use C or C++ to create many different products.

They utilize these two to construct apps and websites, and working frameworks. C is also a solid base for many future high-performance languages.

3. Java

Java is a common language in the base languages of C and C++. Accordingly, Java apps can work smoothly on many devices with different operating systems.

Java computer programs will work unsurpassably whether your gadget is an Android phone, iOS phone, Windows computer, Mac, or Linux.


HTML – HyperText Markup Language

HTML is a language that experts can combine with JavaScript to perform their tasks. They aim to create great websites with lots of features to assist users.

Users can learn to use HTML hypertext markup, a static coding language. So, the main goal is to rearrange and format various texts in big data. For example, shifting data and changing the size and font are tasks that you can use in HTML.

5. Python

Python is the next option that we want to mention in this list. Users can use it for part or all of their software projects.

Even newbies will be able to get used to Python quickly. Its encodings are simple and natural, with almost the same structure as English.

Besides, Python apps are also very flexible. People use a lot of software every day, which are products from Python.

6. PHP

PHP is one of the source general-purpose scripting languages. PHP can support over 80% of the websites today.

This language helps coders create more valuable and novel features of their websites, including data and cookie management.

This tool is suitable for static and dynamic websites, making it a great addition to learning after you have mastered JavaScript and HTML.

7. Ruby

Engineers use Ruby to build complex websites. The Ruby on Rails platform that the Ruby programming language provides allows coders to create and manage websites conveniently. This advantage is the reason why Ruby is so famous.

Just like Python, it is a multi-purpose language. Its auto-coding feature will help create website interfaces that are more beginner-friendly.

8. Swift


Swift will be a wise choice if you want a job at Apple. Software compatible with Apple devices and iOS and MacOS operating systems must support Swift.

Besides, many experts love this programming language’s concise syntax and unique features. Swift’s encryption is also secure and transparent, helping to create applications that are less prone to errors and attacks.


What Are The 5 Main Coding Languages?

There are critical languages in building software and websites. Python, Swift, C#, JavaScript, and Java are the 5 most popular.

What Are The Types Of Programming Languages?

Scientists have divided languages into different types. There are 5 most common language types, including:

  • Scripting languages
  • Procedural languages
  • Object-oriented languages
  • Logical languages
  • Functional languages

What Is The Number 1 Coding Language?

Many experts say that Python is the number 1 coding language. This language can be available with many valuable tools and standard libraries. In particular, Python has a simple and beginner-friendly syntax.

What Is The Hardest Programming Language?

Each language has characteristics that make it difficult for learners. Among them, C++ is the language that confuses many students and coders. You will have to follow the coding rules and statement layout strictly.


How many programming languages are there? There are 8,945 programming languages; however, only 250 to 2500 can be helpful in real projects.

Only simple, friendly, and versatile programming languages are the languages that you should invest time learning, such as C, Java, JavaScript, and Python.

Getting a handle on one of these languages will give you a better chance of advancing your career. So, sign up for an online course and practice the languages that work best for you to get the best job position in the future.

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