How Much Bitcoin Should I Buy and Where Can I Do It?

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency of the highest price, but it doesn’t scare off those investors who want to buy it. Adding Bitcoin to their portfolio is a special kind of accomplishment.

The fact that Bitcoin has reached a sky-high price over its history made the coin an attractive asset. Many services such as PayPal already accept it as a payment method. Yet, following its radical price fall in 2018, many investors got confused, and this still has its imprint on Bitcoin and made the whole world look at it with some extent of distrust.

If you are chasing Bitcoin and thinking about a reasonable size of investment and deciding whether to buy BTC right now, when it exceeds 66,000 USD, we have some info to share with you. Here we will dwell on if it is a good idea to purchase BTC and when and where it’s best to do it. With this knowledge and the reputable crypto wallet Trustee Wallet, you will easily buy BTC with a debit card at a reasonable rate.

Nuances of Buying Bitcoin: Know When, Where, and How

Answering the question about how much Bitcoin to buy is tricky. This is something you should decide depending on your budget for investing and determination.

Still, if you want to look at how experts define comfortable amounts of BTC, the Black-Litterman model can be helpful. This model shows how to increase your holdings if you start with a very neutral crypto portfolio in simple language. Then, the model uses mathematics to explain how to move from the starting point and reach the desired returns with the help of analyzing historical market data.

If you are at a novice level, the model might appear somehow puzzling, so it can take time for you to comprehend it. Still, expert tools will help you analyze the market and see when Bitcoin overperforms the stock and when purchasing can be incredibly profitable.

What App to Use to Buy BTC With a Debit Card Fast?

Now, about the ways to buy Bitcoin with a credit card online. Many places allow users to buy BTC with a credit card, but not all of them provide the cheapest rates.

Transforming your cash or crypto into Bitcoin is worth it at Trustee Wallet. This place is unique as it holds great features:

  • Being both a crypto wallet and exchange tool.

Trustee Global is the app that allows safe storage of Bitcoin and opportunities to buy, sell, and send your crypto coins to other accounts with the help of a cc (credit card).

Security is also backed up by the possibility to buy Bitcoin with a credit card instantly and anonymously while using minimal personal data.

  • Zero commission.

Unlike other services working with bank card crypto purchasing, the Trustee doesn’t charge any fees besides a miner’s fee.

  • Supporting all kinds of bank cards.

Here you can buy Bitcoin with a debit card and never think about the difference in card types. The only kind of cards that the Trustee App doesn’t accept is prepaid cards.

  • The trustee is the best way to buy Bitcoin instantly.

The quick process of exchanging or purchasing Bitcoin makes the platform the easiest way to do it. All the most widely used crypto coins, including Bitcoin and Altcoins, are available, and the prices of your purchases can be calculated for free.

Use the Trustee Global app to track BTC prices and buy BTC with a debit card without opening an account. This is the safest way to find out how much Bitcoin to buy right now and what to do when prices hit the limit. Feel free to try out Trustee and buy as much Bitcoin as you feel is right.