How to Become a Digital Marketer Without a Degree

Big changes in the way we shop involve the media. Accordingly, today’s sellers advertise their products on TV or with flyers and aim for digital marketing.

The road to becoming a digital marketer is not too difficult. You can promote products on social networks like Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, or personal blog.

You can become a digital marketer without a college degree. All you need to do is work hard on daily skills and have a progressive spirit. The following steps will show you a clear path to conquer this job.

1. Start With The Basics

Attracting potential customers is the main goal that digital marketers aim for.

You will need to focus on how to create content for your posts to make a good impression on customers. Accordingly, only posts with content that attract readers can make a successful campaign.

Besides, you also need to direct your content to the right leads to increase sales conversions. This job requires you to have knowledge related to the market, grasp the needs, and like consumer psychology. Product sales will increase rapidly if you have an intelligent approach and touch the shopper’s tastes.

2. Choose Your Favorite Specialty

Many digital marketing channels allow you to reach your potential buyers. You can post on social networks, target websites, write blogs, and promote videos.

Yet, only some channels fit the product and how the business works. You must consider the most helpful method before deciding to build your career.

Each tool requires different skills and knowledge bases. So, you should find and focus on the path that you love the most to get results.

  • Manage social media: You will post on social networks that many people use to introduce your products. Some platforms that you can use are Facebook, WeChat, Douin, Instagram, and Tik Tok.
  • SEO tools: Websites with good SEO optimization will have a better display order on Google. Accordingly, marketers and web developers will create articles with optimized product links. As it reaches more and more users, it will give a higher sales conversion rate.
  • Email marketing: It is a helpful channel for introducing your products because many people use email today. Thus, you can send them letters with attachments that detail and clearly describe the product’s features.
  • Video marketing: Short reels and long videos are proper product promotion channels that non-specialist marketers use. For example, many Youtubers and TikTokers post food review videos with millions of views, and they can leverage this traffic to market or sell their products.
Email marketing

3. Enhance Marketing Skills

Analyzing the market and capturing shopper tastes is a must. Thus, you will succeed faster if you can handle data related to sales, projects, and automation.

Plus, each digital marketing method requires you to have different skills to optimize your sales.

  • Social media management: This field requires you to know how social platforms work. So, you will stand out from your competitors if you catch customer needs and optimize campaigns.
  • Email marketing: You need good writing skills, analytics, and capturing the right customer touchpoints to generate significant conversions.
  • Video marketing: Scripting, shooting, and editing videos are the must-have skills you need. Your movies will be more attractive if you know how to edit sound combined with good graphics.
Learn the related tools

Developers have created many powerful tools to simplify marketing and project management. You’ll need to master the tools to get the job done.

For social marketers, post schedulers, content, and graphics processing software will be helpful support. Meanwhile, Google Analytics and Semrush are vital tools for an SEO expert.

In contrast, MailerLite, HubSpot, and Mailchimp are the popular tools among email marketers.

5. Take Part In Community Projects

Companies are willing to hire people without a degree to work on their community projects. These jobs are chances for you to learn and gain practical experience.

Taking part in community projects also allows you to present yourself to employers. As a result, you may get a full-fledged job if they see your potential and ability to work on these projects.

6. Find A Teacher

You will go faster and further on your career path with a good and dedicated instructor.

A teacher who has worked in marketing for a long time will impart their valuable experience to you. So, you can rely on these guidelines to develop your work and avoid unfortunate mistakes.

Some experts even give you access to their network, helping you get more customers and increase your sales chances.

7. Internship

Internships are a perfect chance to learn and gain skills from experts. You will not need a degree for this job, so you can quickly join the work and learn the necessary knowledge.

8. Join The Facebook Group

A vital factor for a marketer’s success is community connections. Hence, you can join groups related to your advertising product to find potential customers.

For example, the plant lovers group on Facebook is the right place for you to promote your flowers and plants. Meanwhile, pet groups will be suitable places to sell pet food and accessories.

9. Prepare Resume and Interview

A perfect profile and detailed CV will be a plus for applying for a company or business job. Accordingly, employers must see your experience to accept you.

You should also prepare the basic knowledge thoroughly to be able to impress the employer in the interview. Practical skills will be a strong point for you to make a mark with HRs compared to other candidates.


Is Digital Marketing Hard To Get Into?

Digital marketing is a simple field. You can even become a digital marketer without a related degree with hard work and constant effort.

Can You Learn Digital Marketing By Yourself?

You can teach yourself digital marketing through documents, lectures, books or online courses. Yet, it would help if you had a teacher or an instructor to enhance your career faster.

Is Digital Marketing Hard For Beginners?

When you are new to digital marketing, it can be not easy to understand the basics and start practicing. Once you get used to the job and have long-term marketing experience, these challenges will be easier.


There are many options for you to grow as you would like to become a digital marketer. Start learning and practicing today to become a successful marketer!

Thank you for taking the time to read the post!