How to Dump Your PS2 Bios File for Emulation

PCSX2 is a PS2 emulator BIOS that allows players to play classic PS2 games on their computers. The program will only work with the corresponding “Basic Input / Output System” files, more commonly referred to as BIOS files.

This data is the copyrighted material of Sony; As a result, it is illegal to download a PS2 BIOS over the Internet. Instead, players must “download” data from their PlayStation 2 BIOS consoles.

To perform this task, you will need a “modified” console, a CDR-capable computer, a blank CDR, and a USB mass storage device. Download the file “dumpbiosUSB.7z” from (see Resources). Click Download Now. After a short wait, click Download File Now to start downloading.

Download WinRAR to open the “.7z” file. Download the free trial version of the software from the “Download” page on the official WinRAR website. Click the latest version and select DownloadDownload Now under Download WinRAR. Wait for the DownloadDownload to start.

Double-click “wrar401.exe” to run and install the program. Right-click dumpbiosUSB.7z and select Extract to dumpbiosUSB. Double-click the created folder to open it.

Use a CD writer to create a disc from the file “DumpBiosUSB.iso.” If you do not have the right program yet, download the trial version of Alcohol 120% or Nero Burning ROM from their official sites. After installation, use the “Wizards” included in both programs to download the “.iso” file and burn it to a blank disc.

Make sure the USB memory is formatted to “FAT32”. Cannot reset the BIOS from an NTFS formatted device. Go to “My Computer” and then right-click the drive that represents your mass storage device. Click Properties, and you will see FAT32 or NTFS in the File System field.

Format the disk if it is not “FAT32”. This process will delete all files on the drive, so move any valuable data to a different directory before continuing. Right-click the storage drive in My Computer, and from there, select Format, select FAT32 in File System, and click Start.

Insert a USB device into the USB port of the PlayStation 2. Turn on the system and load a recorded disc. If your PlayStation 2 console does not have a mod layout installed, the application will not load.

Press the Select button on the controller in response to the Select: Configuration prompt. Click the Circle button when prompted for “Default:” Scroll down to “weight: /” and press “Circle” to display the directory of the USB mass storage device. Reinsert the device if nothing happens.

Press Triangle on your controller, scroll to the CDFs: / directory, and press Circle. Scroll down to “DUMPBIOSMASS.ELF” and press “Circle.” Go to “OK” and press “Circle” again to reset the BIOS from PlayStation 2.

Run “PCSX2” on your computer. The program will guide you through the initial setup process. You will not be able to use the program until you put the BIOS file in “C: Program FilesPCSX2” (default installation path) and navigate to its location using “BIOS Search Path.”

Click Finish after downloading the BIOS file to PCSX2. You can now play your favorite PlayStation 2 games that are legally on your computer.

BIOS dump PlayStation 2 

Download the BIOS dump file PCSX2 & # 40; see Resources & # 41 ;. Save it on your desktop.

Right-click the file and select Extract All. Click Browse and go to the desktop. Click “Extract” to extract the folder.

Open your disk imaging software and create a CD with the extracted image file “[] dumpbiosmass.iso”.

Insert an empty USB disk with a minimum capacity of 512MB into the USB port of the PlayStation 2.

Insert the disk containing the BIOS dump file into the PlayStation 2 console and boot the program. The program will dump the BIOS file automatically and save it to the USB flash drive. Wait until the screen shows “DUMPING NVM complete.”

Turn off the system and remove the USB stick. Connect the USB drive to a USB port on your computer.

Install the PCSX2 emulator 

Download the complete PCSX2 installer (see Resources). Save it on your desktop.

Right-click the file and select Extract All. Click Browse and go to the desktop. Click “Extract” to extract the folder.

Double-click a file folder to open it. Find the file “pcsx2r3878.exe” in the folder. Double-click the file to run the installer. The PCSX2 Configuration Wizard will start.

Click on the Select Language drop-down menu and select your language. Leave other settings as default and proceed to the next stage. A dialog box will appear.

Click New to permit PCSX2 to create a new folder to save the emulator files. The installer will create the required file folders.

Click Next again. Clear the Use Default Setting check box. Then Browse and navigate to the PS2 BIOS file where you placed the files on the flash drive. Click OK “; then click” Update. ” The BIOS file will be placed in the Select BIOS ROM list. Select the BIOS file.

Click Finish to complete the PCSX2 installation.

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