How To Earn More Than The Average Web Developer Salary

Web developers are a popular choice of career for many of those interested in the IT industry. However, for you to stand out and earn more than the average salary, you need to know what the average web developer salary, and how you can earn more than this.

What Is The Average Web Developer Salary?

Once again, we’ve used our own research:

The average salary of a web developer in the US is $91,780.

This is quite a good salary compared to other jobs in the industry. Of course, you’ll need to consider the cost of living, which can be higher in some places.

Let’s take a look at some related job roles and their salaries.

Mongodb Developer$ 52,000
Jquery Developer$ 52,000
HTML Developer$ 21,000
Hadoop Developer$ 52,000
Net Lead Developer$ 87,000
Junior Java Developer$ 21,000
IT Support$ 26,000
Android Developer$ 52,000
Ios Developer$ 73,000
Net Web Developer$ 82,000
Senior Web Developer$ 88,000
IT Support Analyst$ 26,000
Front End Web Developer$ 75,000
Senior Front End Developer$ 99,000

This table lists all of the Web Developer-related roles and what their average salary is.

What Does This Data Show Us?

Let’s take a further look at this table.

  • Senior Web Developer – this is where the experience comes in for web developers. It’s only just higher than the standard Web Developer role, according to this site.
  • Front End Web Developer – a “front end” is the part that the user sees, so this would exclude any database or interface work. Quite a high salary.
  • Senior Front End Developer – this role is a more senior role of the Front End Web Developer role. The salary is the highest on this list compared to the Web Developer salary.
  • Mongodb/Hadoop Developer – These are both database related and not strictly web development, and have lower average salaries.
  • Android/iOS Developer – Both of these are related to mobile development, and iOS has a significantly higher salary. Perhaps there is more demand for iOS?
  • Junior Java Developer – This is a development role but not really related to web development
  • IT Support/IT Support Analyst – Also not a web development role.
  • HTML Developer – This role is part of a web developer’s role, but it seems it only includes HTML which is probably why the salary is so low.
  • Net Web Developer/Net Lead Developer – These may be related to the .NET language and include the web developer and lead developer roles. These salaries are on the high end of this table.
  • jQuery Developer – This is a development role using the jQuery language.

So, using this data, we can see that web developers can earn an average of $87,000. There isn’t really a junior role, but many related roles start around the $50,000 mark. You can work up to a more senior role of something close to $99,000.

How can you earn more than these figures here? Let’s go into a few ways.

1. Get Certified

A great way to earn more than the average web developer salary is to get certified. Certified professionals usually get hired easier and earn more than non-certified professionals. This isn’t a firm rule, it’s just something I’ve noticed when speaking to people and reading articles from other IT professionals.

In a recent article, I explained that web developers can earn the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification which includes HTML5. They can also learn the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) which is a more advanced certification in development. Each of these can focus on a particular range of technologies, so have a look at the exam information to help you decide.

2. Learn More Web Development Skills

Another good way to beat the average web developer salary is to learn more skills.

Web developers usually have a few skills that they know. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and maybe a couple of others. I’ve mentioned before that salaries reflect your value to a company, so if you want to earn more, then you should provide more value to your company. A great way to do this is to learn more skills.

Identify what skills you might need to learn that you don’t already know. Have a look at jQuery, XML, PHP, .NET, SQL, and any other web-related languages. Learning these can help you improve your salary and earn more than the average quoted here.

You can learn these skills on your own, using an online tutorial or a textbook. I’ve used W3Schools a lot in my time, to learn the basics of a language, as well as a reference once I’ve learnt it. If you’re not interested in that method, you can find a textbook, or even enroll in a short course to learn the languages that you need to know.

3. Do Some More Side Projects

A side project is a good way to improve your skills and your salary. You can start your own side project by either using a local development environment (such as WAMP) or getting a web host and a domain name. Using a domain name is a cheap way of getting a project started, and you can show the products as part of your sample of work.

It can be a good way to improve your skills, try new things, and to demonstrate your capability to others outside of your day job.

Well, hopefully this article has helped you learn what the average web developer salary is, and given you some ideas on how you can increase your own salary. If you have any questions or comments, put them in the section below!