How to Gain Quick Instagram Followers within a Week

When you spend hours creating content for Instagram and still can’t able to gain followers then the question arises; How to get followers on Instagram? This is the question asked by several users from us and through this blog; we clear all your doubts about achieving Instagram followers.

No doubt, to check the growth of a user on Instagram, we check his engagement and follower’s count which means followers’ number is the success/growth measure on Instagram. Nowadays, Instagram is the most engaging social media platform with having 50% and 20% more engagement than Twitter and Facebook respectively.

You can easily guess the influence of Instagram by noticing that; it started as a photo-sharing platform but now it turns into a brand marketing social media platform where you will find every top brand is promoting its services or product with the help of Instagram influencers (a user having high engagement and followers’ count on Instagram).

So, we at GetInsta decided to come with a blog in which we share some advanced tips which allow you to gain quick Instagram followers and a better engagement rate. So, read the blog carefully.

  • Optimize Your Bio

The first thing that brings users to your profile is your engaging user-bio and if you don’t invest enough time in optimizing your bio then you can’t expect growth of followers on Instagram. You will find that popular users or brands have an optimized user profile that can easily encourage others to follow them that’s why optimizing user-bio is the major step to grow on Instagram.

Make sure, your Instagram bio must inform potential followers about you. Your user-bio must have these features;

  • Clear description about you
  • Inform about your personality
  • Call to Actions like read more or contact us
  • A link to your website or other accounts

To make it easier for yourself, you can also use popular Instagram fonts which help you in optimizing your profile.

  • Learn More about Instagram Algorithm

Why you are not achieving desired growth on Instagram? It’s all because of not having knowledge of the Instagram algorithm. More than 65% of users or brands don’t even know how Instagram works and that’s why they can’t achieve maximum followers. If you want to see engagement and more followers on your account then it is mandatory for you to focus on learning the Instagram algorithm and how it can help you grow on Instagram.

Mainly six factors are visible on the user’s timeline and help you in determining the best factor. These factors are; interest, timeliness, engagement, frequency, following, and usage. The major aim of the Instagram algorithm is to encourage users to post the best content that’s why focus on posting high-quality content to gain free Instagram likes.

  • Research and Use Proper Hashtags

Hashtags play an important role on every social media platform but they become more important on Instagram. The use of proper hashtags can enhance the reach of your post to a large as well as the targeted audience. There are several platforms from where you can find the best and appropriate hashtags for your posts such as GetInsta.

If you want to gain quick Instagram followers then the importance of hashtags can’t be neglected. Using hashtags makes your post discoverable. By adding 9-10 relevant hashtags, you can easily acquire the desired result in the form of free Instagram followers.

  • Collaborate with Popular Creators

Another best way to gain quick Instagram followers is to collaborate with Instagram influencers (users have massive engagement or followers on Instagram). You can reach any social media influencer for promoting your profile. No doubt, if you contact influencers having followers of more than 100k then you need to pay a good amount to them. That’s why we advise you to contact low-budget influencers in starting and once you grow then you can hire any of your choices.

This strategy is highly beneficial for the users or brands looking for quick free Instagram followers.

Wrap Up

Without any doubt, Instagram is the most engaging platform nowadays and that’s why together with users, several popular brands also want to take advantage of this platform. So, the above-discussed strategies help you in gaining quick Instagram followers within a week.

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