How to Help Your Teen Enter the Tech Industry

The teen years are a time when your child begins to explore different interests, and some of these interests may lead to a specific career. If your student is interested in working in the tech industry, there are plenty of computer careers they could consider. The tech industry is growing quickly, and the number of positions is expected to grow steadily. There are several ways you can set your child up for success if they are interested in this industry.

Help Them Get a Relevant Degree

There are plenty of schools offering programs with a computer focus, and one of the most common is computer science. Going to college can open many doors for your child, so consider ways of helping them get there. You can be a cosigner on a student loan for them, which can help them get approved. Being a cosigner can also help them get better interest rates to take advantage of during repayment.

Have Them Learn Coding

Programmers’ starting salaries tend to be higher than the average starting salary, and it’s also a quickly growing industry. Help your child learn programming now so they can take advantage of this industry. There are many online courses they can take to learn this skill. There are both paid and free websites to help people learn how to program. This could help your student develop a new passion and put their time to good use.

Consider Relevant Certifications

While a degree can open plenty of doors for your child, that does not mean they have to have one to be successful. Many employers do not require a degree, but experience is still critical. Having the right certification can help your child get their foot in the door, and it can be less stressful.

Consider the types of positions they will be interested in when you are helping them find a program. Look for help desk positions, as it is common to start out in IT help desks and work one’s way up. While these might be entry-level positions, they may still require certification, so look for something that fits what your child is looking for. There are many platforms that offer professional certifications for beginners and more advanced professionals.

See if Their School Has a STEM Program

Many schools offer STEM programs that focus on science, technology, engineering, or math, so see if your child would be able to take any courses in this area. This can help your child become more interested in tech, and it allows them to see if they would be interested in doing this as a career. Schools’ STEM programs allow your student to work with others in a collaborative setting and work on their problem-solving skills. This experience can look good on a resume, and the skills are needed in any job related to computers.

Encourage Them to Learn How to Build a Computer

Your child may enjoy the process of building a computer from scratch. For computer nerds, learning about the inside of a computer can be an exciting experience. There are online courses they can take to learn how to create a customized computer and get all the parts they need to do so. There are free courses that will teach them the skills they need, including how to troubleshoot, what to look for, and how to install an operating system.

See if There Are Workshops Available

Technology is a broad field, and there are many positions available, so it makes sense if your teen is not sure where they want to start. There are workshops that will prepare young people to work in the tech industry. Some are online, and they can help your teen decide what they want to do after they graduate.

Some programs allow your student to meet with industry professionals regularly, and they can receive advice on the best career path to follow. This also gives your child a chance to connect with other teens who have similar interests. These workshops are a great way to help your teen begin to build their professional network, so you could help them set up a professional social media page to stay in touch with these individuals, even after the workshop.