How To Learn Computer Science

Computer science has recently become a trend that increases entrance scores at schools. If you want to learn about this major, you can self-study from the basics.

People often worry when learning this field because they don’t know where to start. But you can rest assured because in this article we will guide you on how to learn CS. Let’s refer to all the interesting info below!

What Is Computer Science?

Computer science is a specific major in colleges and universities with general information technology training.

This branch of science specializes in the study of engineering, related theories, and some interactive algorithms such as robotics or AI technology.

In addition, when studying this major, you will also be exposed to hardware and software design. After graduation, you can do computer-related jobs.

If you are good at theory, continue studying further to become a scientist. Or a technologist might be a better fit if your advantage is more hands-on.

Both occupations require programming languages ​​to work, process, and develop algorithms to improve daily life.

How To Learn Computer Science

Computer science is a challenging field, but once mastered, it will bring you a good income and many good opportunities.

Many people want to study but do not have enough conditions such as economics or grades to study in professional training environments.

Self-study can be more complex and time-consuming, but if you are determined, you can apply some of the following steps to pursue this major.

Learn to code

Learn to code

The first step in this discipline is learning how to code. This field does not use communication languages but will use its own sets of programming languages.

You can learn from the most straightforward character sets like HTML or CSS.

After mastering the above coding language, you can move on to the two more popular languages ​​in programming, Java, and Python.

When learning, you’ll need to use this language to create control commands frequently, then more significant technological works.

If you’re having a hard time and don’t know where to start, you can visit some online tutorial websites like Academy or Codewars.

Main specialization options

Computer science is a broad discipline, including many more minor majors depending on individual goals.

Overall, the more you learn, the more you know, and the more it helps your life.

If you are learning, you should choose a major you are most interested in to learn in-depth. After you have a solid foundation, you can study other majors, at which point knowledge acquisition will undoubtedly be more accessible.

Some majors you might consider with this major are cybersecurity, mobile computing, information management, bioinformatics, or data analytics.

In addition, there are two majors that the world is currently promoting: interaction and artificial intelligence.

Just by hearing the name, you can probably imagine the main job. These two majors can be more difficult and time-consuming to learn than the rest. However, when you have mastered it, you will become famous and receive an excellent salary.

Some Tips To Follow

Computer science is a complex subject, and it will be even more difficult if you have to learn it independently.

However, if you have read this far carefully, you must have great determination. So we’ll give you a few tips to make learning easier.

  • It would help if you started with the basics like HTML or CSS before learning Java
  • You can visit reputable coding websites such as Free Code Camp, Codecademy, Khan Academy, and Codewars.
  • Don’t skip the configuration. create hardware even if you define expertise in skills, software
  • Choose a specific major instead of studying in general

The Subjects Of Computer Science At College

The subjects at college

If you are wondering what a formal curriculum will cover and what parts are included, I will explain to you shortly.

Students at college will spend about 200 hours of study in the lecture hall for each subject. Most schools will be divided into 9 main topics, including:

  • Programming
  • Architecture
  • Algorithms
  • Data Structures
  • Operating Systems
  • Networks
  • Databases
  • Compiled Languages
  • ​​Distribution Systems

Each school may have different naming and ordering methods. Basically, the knowledge is similar to ensure that the output of the students has the necessary knowledge and skills.

Why Should You Learn Computer Science?

You will surely get mixed results if you ask professional engineers this question. However, we can aggregate into salary, job opportunities, and challenges.

Computer science refers to many specialties in general, so the job opportunities are enormous.

With the current level of difficulty and scarcity of human resources, you will have many job openings. Many companies are willing to pay a good salary for this position even if you are fresh out of school.


Is Computer Science Hard?

It is a complicated field because it will use a different language. Many people take a lot of time to study and master these programming languages.

What job is computer science?

After studying, you can find a variety of job opportunities. The most popular jobs are programming engineer, scientific researcher or system coordinator, data network administrator, etc.

What is the highest paying job in computer science?

The average salary of engineers has a pretty high starting point. So far, the income of the experienced person is around $53 per hour.

You won’t be able to know the maximum amount engineers can get because the income is unlimited. If you have more experience, invent technology or have new ideas, you can have enough money to live a full year without having to work.

Can I do CS if I’m not good at math?

Math is not a compulsory subject when you study CS. However, if you have basic math knowledge, it will be easier to learn CS.

Final Thoughts

Computer science is a complex and rapidly changing discipline according to people’s development and increasing needs.

So if you are determined to follow this path, you must always learn, cultivate and update the latest knowledge.

Hopefully, after reading this article on learning computer science, you have given yourself the proper learning method and direction for the future.