How to Record Video On Windows 10

One helpful feature of Screen recording is its ability to create tutorials, video messages, and many more. Besides, it helps save time and effort when making videos while monitoring and updating your various tracks.

But aside from using your mobile phone to capture live moments, did you know you can also use your Windows 10 whether the footages or images are from stock libraries or you’re actual activities?

In this today’s post, our media experts will break down the steps on how to record videos on Windows 10 to help you create professional videos using your screen recordings.

What’s Screen Recording?

Screen recording software for Windows 10 allows users to record what’s actually happening on their screens. You can use it to take videos at resolutions of up to 4K, 1080P, and 720P.

It also comes with a variety of settings like stock libraries that will give you a customized quality video to save space and make it more transparent.

Recording Videos on Your Windows 10: Detailed Guide

Following the steps on how to record video on Windows 10 are very simple, and you will be able to record videos on your device or other PC using Windows 10.

Step 1:

Launch the Camera app by going to the start menu and selecting “All Apps.”

Step 2:

Open the camera and select the mode you want to use and the amount of time you want to record.

Step 3:

Finish your recording, and your videos will be saved in the Camera Roll folder.

So, if you plan on using a PC to take videos without an in-built camera, you will need to connect it to a webcam.

As you proceed section, we will show you how to use a webcam to record and take videos at the same time!

However, you will need third-party software for better quality and longer recording duration. In fact, there are additional options for you to record videos on your PC. Let’s continue…

How to Record a Game Video on Windows 10?

The Game Bar, which is a built-in tool in Windows 10, can record a video of your screen activity. Also, you can use it to look at various activities and apps and capture gaming sessions on Xbox and PC.

  • To enable Game Mode on your computer, go to the start menu and select settings.
  • In the settings window, go to Gaming. You can then enable Game Mode and record your video screen.
  • To check the maximum amount of time that a video screen recording can take, go to your GameBar’s settings and select the option for background recording. The drop-down that appears will show the maximum amount of time that the recording can take.

Note that you can’t record the files or folders on your desktop or the map in your browser. But luckily, still have ways for you.

Recording Videos Through the Game Bar

You can start recording your screen using the Game Bar. However, it only supports one application at a time, so you can’t switch between recording another window or the keyboard shortcut to the left or right after you have started doing so.

Follow the steps below on how to record video on Windows 10 screen using your Game Bar:

  • To prevent unwanted audio from entering your recording, close all of your windows and open the app that you want to record. The Game Bar should open after pressing the Windows + G key.
  • Start recording your screen by pressing the circle with the dot.
  • After you start recording, you’ll see the timer appears and the microphone set up. In this step, the external sounds will be turned off and on to record videos or commentaries.
  • Press the stop button or double-click the Windows + Alt + R symbol to stop the recording.
  • On your screen’s right-hand panel, click the “Game clip recorded” button. Then, you will be redirected to the “Captures” folder in Explorer. That’s it!

Final Thoughts

Now you have all the knowledge you need to make an impact with your screen capture and video recording. But to make a bigger impression, turning your video recordings into professionally edited videos featuring music and text is essential. Actually, with the help of stock libraries, you can easily create videos that are both professional and high-quality.