How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency With No Experience

When deciding to build a marketing service without prior skills, founders are entering a complex journey. Accordingly, they will have to go through a long process from lack of capital and clients to gain a foothold in the field.

Even so, you can make your dream of owning a digital marketing agency come true if you work hard and persevere.

If you need help finding the right path in the digital marketing field, keep reading for details!

Types of Digital Marketing Agencies

There are quite a few digital marketing agencies for you to outsource your tasks. So, you are not required to know about all the niches in this field.

Here are the most common types that you should consider.

1. Full-Service Agency

Full-service agency

As the name suggests, these companies will provide many services. In particular, they are known for their low cost and versatile work.

So, a business can partner with a full-service agency to add strength and support to your existing marketing department.

2. Inbound Agency

These companies will bring inbound strategies to your business model, helping to build trust and increase sales. Usually, the clients will need to work with inbound agencies for about six months to more than a year to see results.

3. SEO Agency

These firms can provide search engine optimization services. An SEO agency’s main tasks include keyword research, website content building, data review, and backlink audit.

All these tasks are to make your website stand out on the first pages of search engines and attract more traffic.

4. Social Media Agency

Social media agency

These agencies will bring solutions to increase the social media presence of their clients. In addition, they also support cross-purchase or affiliate marketing to increase sales and profits.

5. Online Ads/PPC Agency

ADs online agencies will help their clients optimize advertising and attract potential shoppers. Accordingly, they will create good product videos and deploy assigned campaigns on famous social networks.

In addition, their duties also include creating and maintaining an accounting system on Google Ads Manager.

Of course, a company can hire an in-house marketing department to handle these tasks. Yet, outsourcing an online advertising agency is still a perfect option for small and medium companies.

6. Website Design Agency

These companies will help their clients design and research the user experience and interface and run the web cheaply.

Their staff usually includes creative designers, programmers, and SEO experts to handle many work sections on the website.

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency With No Experience?

Building a digital marketing agency is challenging. To succeed, you must be patient and determined to pursue digital marketing. Moreover, you must follow a construction process with a clear purpose and method.

If you’re still battling to discover a way, here are a few straightforward steps for you to raise your trade rapidly:

Step 1: Learn Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

You don’t need the experience of building or running an agency yet. Yet, to be successful in this field, basic skills in digital marketing are a must.

In detail, you will need to know what digital marketing is and its essential niches like SEO, social networking, email, and Google advertising.

Most experts say the reason for their success is solid theoretical and practical skills. In expansion, you must upgrade your knowledge through online courses, degrees, and more.

Step 2: Choose Your Niche

There are many marketing types for you to choose from. However, if you’re a fledgling in this field, you should attempt to ace a specialty to develop.

Starting your career with branding, SEO, PR, affiliate marketing, and advertising is best. It would help if you narrowed down your niche to avoid competing with more prominent players.

For example, large agencies offer management services across all social media platforms. They have an all-inclusive package that works on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. So, startups with less reputation and experience can hardly compete with them.

You can start your career by providing only Instagram management services and selling specialized services at a low price. Compared to the all-in-one package, it is clear that your niche pricing will be more beneficial to clients in many cases.

Step 3: Build Your Brief

Brief is the place for you to introduce your agency to potential clients. And your task is to impress customers.

Your brief should include info about the agency’s marketing services. For more authenticity, you should add projects worked on in the past and their results.

In addition, you should also include the booking guide, contact method, and incentives so that the clients understand the benefits they receive.

Step 4: Create A Business Plan

Online Marketing Plan

Make a detailed business plan before investing in any section. During the planning process, you should ask questions and find detailed answers. Some critical questions you can refer to include:

  • What specific field do I want to work in? Do I like to offer multiple packages of marketing services or vice versa?
  • Who is my client’s portrait?
  • What services do I not want to provide?

Step 5: Establish Your Brand

After you’ve figured out your core business idea, it’s time to build your brand.

It makes no sense if a digital marketing agency doesn’t have an online presence. They will at least have a website that provides complete information about their services.

In addition to the homepage, they should also build landing pages. Accordingly, these websites will impress new visitors and increase conversion rates.

Step 6: Network and Market Yourself

When you are just starting out building an agency, in addition to your inexperience, you may need more money for your media projects.

Yet, you can still get your first customers for free if you know how to build networks with clients and word-of-mouth marketing.

Posting on your Facebook and Linkedin profiles is an excellent idea to promote your agency. You can also rely on your relationships to attract clients to work with agencies.


We’ve covered the steps to building your digital marketing agency with no experience. The answers in this article all come from the practical lessons.

Hopefully, the above sharing has helped you become more confident in setting up a digital marketing agency. I hope you will get the success you want!