How To Take Notes During Online Courses

Taking handwritten notes during an online class will keep you focused and organized. When you take notes, you get a record of the information in your own words to be used for references when preparing for exams. Having lecture notes will help you retain your material, especially when you have written them yourself. Here are a few handwritten note-taking strategies to keep you more engaged than you thought possible.

1. Pick Your Paper

Sure, all paper is the same, but you have the option of choosing plain paper, lined, grid paper, or whatever else you like. Keep all of your notes in one notebook per class. This way they are all together and organized. You can use Everlast’s re-usable smart notebook which lets you write, scan and erase material.

2. Choose Your Writing Tools

Maybe you prefer either a pen or pencil. We recommend you use a thicker pen or marker to make information bold and stand out on the page. Adding colors to your notes can help you hold the information in your head. Pick something that you would like to use, whether it is regular highlighters or Crayola colored markers. If using highlighters, stick to one color instead of going with five different colors, because that can get messy.

3. Title Each Page

This is important if you’re keeping all your notes together in one notebook. When you’re flipping through them, you want to able to find the page you’re looking for. Leave a title on the top of each page and include subtitles. Coloring or bolding subtitles is also a good idea. This will allow you to find everything quickly and easily.

4. Use Bullet Points

When you start adding information that isn’t a title or subtitle, it can get messy and lengthy. Break the material up into smaller bits by using bullet points. Don’t write freehand and end up with a whole paragraph of information. It’s like rewriting the entire book. The primary purpose of taking notes is to put the material in your own language so you can encode it into memory.

5. Add Diagrams

Add diagrams, flowcharts, graphs, and any drawings that may help you understand the material better. These visually conceptualize the material and communicate the information in a quick and easy manner. Bright, colorful illustrations can quickly capture your attention, as our brains are wired to react to them. They help to see connections between different pieces of information. Instead of putting down information in paragraph form, try to use tables and charts.

6. Don’t Stress

The point of taking notes is to archive your class material so you can go back to it at any time. That said, we know online students are a busy bunch, and can use help when things get difficult. If you are having trouble taking notes in an online course or feel unmotivated, hire online class help for professional assistance. Our tutors can help you manage your online course and earn you an A or B on every assignment. Call us to ask – ‘Can you take my online class at affordable rates?’ We would love to help you!