How to Write College Application Essay

Getting a place in college is a process that involves several milestones. You will have to take tests and send out applications. Depending on the schools you are applying to, you may have to fulfil additional requirements. Also, you will have to make a great first impression with admission evaluators to secure a place in top institutions. The best way to do this is to write great college application articles.

Writing an admission article is a requirement for most schools. However, many applicants drop the ball when creating their essays. If you want your college application to stand out, you will want to keep reading this article. Below are steps you can follow to write a high-quality college application essay.

Start with a Bang

In most cases, the impression an evaluator will have about you is primarily determined by your essay. At the same time, the tone of your article is set by the introduction. Therefore, creating an excellent intro helps evaluators to have a favorable opinion of you. You can achieve this by writing striking first few paragraphs that will make the reader want to read more. Below are some points you should consider when developing a captivating introduction.

  • Hook your reader with captivating sentences.
  • Provide relevant context to set the tone.
  • Present the main thesis statement.
  • Map out the article structure before you begin writing.
  • Read and revise your idea.

Sticking to these pointers should help you start your essay right.

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Follow Instructions

Most colleges will provide you with detailed dos and don’ts for writing an essay. As an applicant, you must find, read, and comprehend these instructions if you want to create the content evaluators are looking for. Failure to adhere to the directives will reflect poorly on you. It will also reduce your chances of admission into the school, even if you have great scores. For these reasons, you will want to carefully read the essay requirements for each institution before you start writing.

Be Yourself

Admission officers read thousands of applications each year. Thus, they have the skill and experience to spot people who write about fake experiences or make up false stories. Individuals who decide to deceive the admission officers with their writing are usually poorly rated. To prevent this from happening, you should focus on writing honestly and truly. Present each experience or story in your own voice. Do not be afraid to highlight your weaknesses as long as they show your humanity and other desirable traits.

Use Strong Examples

You should carefully evaluate each experience and sentence you write to determine if it is worthy of being included in your essay. In addition, you should always curate examples that highlight your skills and abilities. However, it is equally crucial you ensure each example you present is in line with the main topic of the essay. College admissions officers always want applicants to connect their personal stories with the article’s theme. They also want to read well-written articles.

Avoid Common Expressions

Evaluators have seen it all. Making use of common expressions and phrases will mostly not impress them. It may work against you. You should not write your essay based on common examples. You should distinguish yourself by creating a unique and high-quality article that is original in every sense. Doing this should impress any admission officer that reads your essay.

Use a Conventional Essay Structure

You may be tempted to adopt a unique structure of writing. However, you should avoid doing this. You should implement the conventional essay structure, which contains an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Admission officers are trained to read articles structured in this manner. Therefore, writing your essay in another format can be counterproductive unless you are specifically instructed to be creative with your essay format. In such an instance, you will want to adopt alternative essay structures.

Edit and Proofread

Before sending your essay, ensure you have rigorously edited and proofread each sentence. Doing this minimizes grammatical errors, structural problems, and spelling mistakes. You can use grammar checkers to improve the quality of your work. Also, ensure you get an extra set of eyes to check your essay before submitting it.


If you want to create a great college application essay, you will want to follow a couple of steps. This article tells you how you can write an article that should impress any admission officers. Follow our guidelines, and you will boost your chances of creating a stellar essay that will earn you a place at any college.

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