Is a Graphic Design Degree Worth It?

Many experts believe you need degrees and certifications to become a graphic designer. Meanwhile, some employers require you to do more practical projects.

How will certifications benefit your projects and future career? Let’s answer this question entirely and in detail in this article!

Is a Graphic Design Degree Worth It?

Yes, a graphic design degree is a precious certificate to help you have a stable job and a good income. This degree will prove your worth to the employer, increasing your competitiveness compared to other candidates.

A valuable graphic design degree will be the first and most crucial step for you to have the best working performance. Why is this degree worth pursuing? I will help you understand the answer through the following section.

1. Improve The Competitive Ability

Graphic design is a complex job. If you want to create a highly usable publication that can attract viewers, you need to master the basic principles of painting, color scheme, and taste.

This knowledge will be included in the study program at universities in the design major. That’s why many companies only hire candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

These qualifications are the best evidence to prove to employers that you are capable. With a degree, it will be easier for you to impress HR recruiters.

2. Easy Access To Employers

A graphic design degree will be one of the outstanding advantages that make your CV stronger than others. Many HR employees are willing to discard the resumes of uneducated job applicants who apply to their companies.

According to many surveys, 88% of employers are willing to choose candidates with a graphic design college certificate or higher for their job position. A degree will make it easier for you to get approval from larger companies with higher compensation.

3. Improve Your Chances to Get a Good Job

You will not only get graphic design knowledge in your courses. Many universities have academic programs that allow students to acquire vast expertise and related fields. This knowledge can help you thrive in many different professions.

Many companies are willing to accept graphic design degree holders for User Experience (UX) designers or User Interface (UI) designers. Some people can develop their career towards becoming an image and animator production artist.

What Will I Learn in Graphic Design Courses?

The curriculum will vary depending on the institution and the major you choose.

Yet, regardless of course, learners will have mastered different design tools after graduation. The most common tools a graphic designer needs to master are Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Canva, and Illustrator.

You will need to equip yourself with basic painting knowledge. It will be the foundation for developing your artistic talents in creating products.

Teachers will teach students about the color meaning and how to combine them to create the desired visual effect. How to mix different font styles is also a section that you need to learn in these courses. From there, you can edit photos and design posters or postcards more quickly and efficiently.

If you dive into web design expertise, you’ll go through classes on how to lay out your website in the most user-friendly and engaging way. Consistency in colors, images, and content is also something you can grasp after intensive lessons.

In short, graphic design courses will give learners knowledge and skills that self-learners cannot. So, it helps you become more professional in your work.

Career Opportunities

With a degree in graphic design, you can confidently submit your CV for various jobs. It is what makes studying for a visual design certification so beneficial.

1. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create product posters, illustrations, logos, or website interfaces. It is the most basic job a graphic design degree holder can pursue.

With this position, you can work in advertising agencies, or web creation companies with responsibility for creating images for publications.

Many game production companies also bring in graphic designers to help improve their product quality.

2. User Interface Designer

User Interface Designers are responsible for what the product will look like when it reaches the consumer. They will design websites with an eye-catching interface and optimize the customer experience, ensuring the most attractive layout and visual effects.

Their work is directly related to User experience (UX) designers. They cooperate to create the most convenient websites for users.

3. Creative Director

Creative director

Some will become creative directors for art projects. They rely on basic graphics knowledge to provide vision and monitor project visual quality.

These people often play critical roles in film studios, photo editing, or video game production companies.

4. Freelancers

A large number of artists with graphic design degrees love freelance work. They can sign short-term contracts with art partners or take on individual projects.

Although freelance designers’ incomes are not uniform, their work offers many unique benefits. They are free to develop themselves as they wish, participate in the most suitable projects, and improve their skills with each collaboration.


Is There a Demand for Graphic Designers?

Sure, the demand for graphic design is increasing in the current labor market.

Is It Hard to Get a Job as a Graphic Designer?

Yes. It would help if you studied hard to get a degree and always tried to practice to improve your working skills and gain experience.

What Is The Highest-Paying Job In Graphic Design?

Many job positions can bring attractive income for graphic designers. Among them, the highest paying professions are 3D designer, user experience director, creative director, and interactive art director.

Which Country Is Best For Graphic Design?

Many experts believe that the United Kingdom is the most suitable place to study and work as a graphic designer. You will have a lot of development opportunities in this country.

Does Graphic Design Have A Future?

Graphic design is an up-and-coming field in the future. More and more job positions are opening up to those with a degree in this field. And the products they create have significant meaning in life and production.


Is a degree in graphic design worth it? The answer is definitely yes. You will need to study hard to get the design certifications.

With these certificates, job opportunities with promotion prospects and attractive salaries will come to you.

Hopefully, this article will be useful for you. Thank you for reading!