Is Computer Engineering a Fun Career?

Computer engineering is about building software or hardware for computers, which is the most desirable job in the technology business. If this is your dream job, you may wonder:

Is computer engineering a fun career?

Yes, computer engineers are typically satisfied with their professions since they encounter exciting challenges and continually acquire new abilities.

Career satisfaction plays a vital role in your working experience and life. So, it is a happy job.

While there are various careers in computer engineering, they all have in common that make it an ideal pick for the appropriate individual. 

High income, employment stability, and more are fun facts of this job.

1. High Salary

Working in IT pays very well. In 2030, we projected that these jobs paid an average of $105,000, double the nation’s average income.

This statistic, however, includes jobs like website development and tech support specialists, which do not typically require a science degree.

Programmers, network architects, systems analysts, and software and hardware engineers have a bachelor’s degree earned between $98,196 and $162,626.

The median salary for computer engineers was $127,038, with the top 10% earning more than $177,000. A master’s degree is often essential for computing and data research scientists, who make a median pay of $165,000.

2. Job Security

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In comparison to other occupations, computer engineers enjoy high job security. These positions have been in high demand for more than 20 years, and there’s no indication that they can change.

According to the BLS, the average job rate of growth for all workforce in the United States for the next ten years will be around 5%. Software engineers witness a 25 percent increase in employment.

Positions for data security analysts expand by roughly 28%. Of course, not all positions will be in high demand.

Some occupations, such as network architects and hardware engineering, will only grow at a rate of roughly 5%.

3. Free To Travel

Within some limitations, someone with a record as a computer technician may practically reside wherever he wishes. Silicon Valley is an excellent alternative for anyone who enjoys the California way of life.

On the other hand, these engineers are in need in almost every major metropolis on the planet. They are continually in demand by manufacturers of internet-connected autos and products.

Most influential organizations with in-house engineers handling their computer databases and networks are in the same boat.

If you love traveling, a career as an advisor with a particular specialty, such as data security, can be a good fit for you.

These specialists help companies in ensuring that their information is safe from cyber-attacks. You may fly in, work for a firm for a few weeks, and then fly away after the job is over.

4. Constant Innovation

Because computers and technology are continually developing, and requirements are always updated, most workers in this area must continue to study to prevent their abilities from becoming obsolete.

For instance, if you were a security expert five years ago and understood how to prevent hackers, your expertise would be inadequate to safeguard a website in today’s reality.

To be successful at what you are doing, you need to be aware of every software and hardware update and upcoming technologies and their weaknesses. It is a fantastic benefit for everyone who enjoys being challenged.

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Here are some frequently asked questions we have collected while researching this field. We hope all of them are beneficial to you and save you time searching on Google.

How Hard Is Computer Engineering?

Because you must take more courses in mathematics, extra electrical engineering coursework, and multiple practical laboratory sessions, an engineering degree is more demanding than a science one

Because of these characteristics, engineering is more complicated than science.

Is Computer Engineering Easy?

Yes, it is simple, but it requires effort. It would be best if you concentrated on your coding abilities. This occupation needs logical and reasoning abilities. 

It will be pretty easy if your code is good; else, you will have to do a little more work to learn to code.

Is It Worth Becoming a Computer Engineer?

Because the average compensation for these careers is attractive, they tend to make a very decent life. It indicates that the certificate and degree will be pretty costly as well. 

Of course, you may apply for grants or scholarships to aid with expenditures, but these require time and effort as well.


Computer engineering isn’t for everyone, and it comes with its own set of disadvantages.

Working in a workplace where continuous innovation is the norm would be a disadvantage if you do not appreciate learning and maintaining your abilities up to date.

Many of the positions are sedentary, forcing you to sit in an office for long periods. It might be tough to take instructions from those not as knowledgeable as if you become an expert. 

Yet, if you feel the benefits exceed the drawbacks, this is a fun career decision.

Hopefully, you have received interesting information from this article.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!