Is Computer Engineering a Good Career in Future?

Due to the booming explosion of technology, phones, computers, the internet, and other electronic devices have muscled their ways into modern-age people’s life.

And computer engineers are those who test and design applications, circuits, and software with combined, thorough knowledge of computer science, engineering, and core mathematics.

Is computer engineering a good career in the future?

Yes, computer engineering is currently a highly demanded occupation, promising lucrative, stable income to its grads.

It is a wise decision to pursue a computer engineering career considering today’s upswing trends of technology since it’ll offer new grads at least five benefits below:

  • Attractive salary
  • Plentiful job opportunities
  • Job security
  • Constant innovation
  • Oversea travel

To help you reach the correct conclusion of whether or not to stick to this field, we’ll work you through the primary benefits of becoming a computer engineer.

What is Computer Engineering?

Computer engineering involves using Electrical engineering and computer science principles to design hardware (physical gadgets) and firmware used in various areas: self-driving vehicles, aircraft, communication systems, medical devices, and consumer electrocution.

This major’s students will learn to test, prototype, and develop microchips, conductors, processors, circuits, and other components used for computer systems or devices.

Typical examples include IoT gadgets, servers, laptops, smartphones, and supercomputers.

Here are some strongly recommended schools offering high-quality computer engineering curriculums to consider:

Though this field comprises many different sections and jobs, there are particular commonalities between them, making it a brilliant option for a suitable person.

The upsides of getting into such a hot profession include high income, constant innovations, job security, and travel & job opportunities.

1. Great Income

Information and computer technology positions enjoy an exceedingly desirable income. The average income of these positions counts $127,038, more than twice the country’s average.

Nonetheless, this estimate considers positions, such as computer support and web development technicians, who don’t usually need a qualification certificate in computer engineering.

Here is a more remarkable estimate. Those having a qualified degree, like hardware engineers, software developers, systems analysts, programmers, or network architects, earned median incomes of $82,000 to $104,000.

Information and computing research scientists, those generally holding a master’s certificate, reach the median salary point of $114,520.

2. Plentiful Job Opportunities

Every business sector and industry nowadays has to, one way or another, rely on the help of technology and computers. Therefore, the job market of this field is comprehensive, flexible, and abundant.

Experts predict that the potential for this category will have increased by 17% by the end of 2024.

Generally, an engineer working in this field stands a chance to exploit his strengths, trying with multiple disciplines, such as embedded architecture, computer systems, artificial intelligence, robotics, and electronics.

computer engineers

3. Job Security

Once you’ve gained a position within this field, you can usually expect to go with it for an extended period. The job security that a computer engineering career offers you is more appreciable than other professions.

For more than two decades, such a desirable career has been in high demand. And, as you can see, there’s rarely a sign that it will fall out of trend in the future.

Of course, different positions experience different, frantic demands. Some jobs, like network architect or hardware engineer, tend to lead the trend and tremendous demand.

4. Constant Innovation

Technology and computers continuously change every minute, leading standards to constantly update.

Thus, people working in this industry can’t do anything but keep learning, adapting to the real-time environment changes, and updating their skills as per the market’s demands.

It’s crucial to be well-informed of every software and hardware update, the newly emerging technologies, and their strengths and vulnerabilities. That way, you can be adept at what you’re doing.

This career is an extraordinary benefit if you’re interested in constant mental stimulation.

5. Oversea Travel

It’s not far-stretched to say that you can live wherever you want with a background in computer engineering (of course, within a few limits).

For example, foreign manufacturers, who produce internet-connected appliances and cars, are always looking for talented computing engineers inside and out of the country. These talents will help them manage their computing databases and networks.

Yet, if you’re a sucker for traveling, we recommend working as an expert consultant with an excellent specialized skill like information security.


This field is worth considering if you desire a sustainable future with incredible innovation, job security, development opportunities, and income.

The most meaningful thing is that you’re contributing to making significant differences in the world and human life as a computer engineer.