Is Computer Engineering Recommended For Women?

The recruitment of the engineering profession and other industries is not discriminatory, regardless of gender. However, there are some areas that, for some reason, are not so suitable for women.

So, is computer engineering (CE) recommended for girls?

Yes! Jobs in this industry are all focused on intelligence and don’t take much effort, ideal for women.

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Why CE is a Great Career for Women

Technical occupations are almost within the limits of women’s strength and intelligence. They require more intelligence than physical strength, which will make women work more efficiently.

We all know that any profession has no gender discrimination. However, some jobs that prioritize physical strength, such as construction and transportation, are not suitable for women.

There are also some issues that we need to keep in mind if you are a girl and you are about to pursue this career.

female computer engineering students

CE, although gender-neutral, attracts an overwhelming number of men compared to women. The reason here is that CE is a full-time job – it requires you to spend a lot of ambition and time on research.

Men often appear as the head of the family. That often causes them to spend their days working and dedicating themselves to their careers.

Meanwhile, women are often busy taking care of their families and children. You will be hard-pressed to find women who can spend a lot of time all day in the work they used to pursue.

Of course, learning computer engineering or not depends on your passion. It deserves to be a career that girls should pursue with high recruitment demand, attractive salary regime, and not much physical strength.

How To Start a Career In Computer Engineering?

When the girls have determined the major they will pursue, now it’s time to start a career!

After formal training and graduation, you are ready to work as a real engineer.

But what is the next step to prepare to start working? If you have no idea, check out our tips below.

To make your CV more convincing, we recommend taking some certifications in this engineering field. You can refer to SAP, GSOC, and some other choices.

Next, choose the area of ​​expertise you want to pursue.

Typical choices for you are computer architecture, artificial intelligence, information technology, and more.

Select the position you want to apply for, such as programmer, consultant, data warehouse analyst, etc.

Finally, send your CV and prepare a good mind for the upcoming interview. That’s how you start a career in computer engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Easy To Get Into Engineering As A Girl?

The yes or no answer depends on their passion for engineering. If the passion is big enough and the ability is excellent enough, no difficulty can stop the girls.

Of course, compared to men, women will certainly face more difficulties, but girls are not inferior in quality. We believe that the number of women working in this industry will increase day by day in the future.

female computer engineers

Which Field Is Best For Girls In Computers?

Women love beauty and have a special knack for aesthetics. Therefore, the field of computers that are perfect for them contains multimedia, design, and animation.

What Percentage Of Computer Engineers Are Female?

According to statistics in the United States, there are currently more than 21,400 computer engineers. However, the disparity in the ratio of men to women is still very large.

Specifically, the number of men accounted for about 75.8%. At the same time, the number of female engineers is only 14.6%.

Although the degree of disparity is quite large, in the current era of advanced technology, the number of female computer engineers is increasing. Over the next few years, this ratio gap will narrow significantly.

Can A Girl Do Computer Engineering?

That’s for sure! CE has no gender restrictions, so let’s be free if you are a girl.

Is CE A Good Career For Girls?

Computer science is always at the top of the big hiring jobs, and the remuneration is ideal. It is a perfect choice if you are wondering about a good career.

Is Software Engineering Good For Girls?

The answer will surely satisfy you- “Yes”!

Software engineering does not require physical fitness but focuses on the fitness of engineers. That is to say; a female engineer will be able to bring out all her talents in this environment.

Last Words

In today’s technology era, is computer engineering a great career choice for girls? With this article, it will no longer be so difficult to answer.

Keep the faith and pursue this industry with all your passion! And in the not too distant future, you will surely succeed on the path you have chosen.