Is Digital Marketing Hard To Learn? A Guide For New Marketers

Many would-be online businesses have investigated digital marketing, but the varying levels of complexity may be overwhelming.

So, is digital marketing hard?

Learning digital marketing doesn’t seem very hard. Yet, you may find it challenging to put theories into practice, especially when building a client base and allocating the budget. 

You’ll discover the fundamentals of digital marketing in this post. Besides, you can also learn the most effective method for comprehending the market.

What Is Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing is the process of designing and delivering content via online media platforms and promoting that content with different tactics.

The strategies assist marketers in setting the goals, locating a target audience, and establishing a promotion strategy to best target that demographic.

These plans provide guidance for a program or campaign and a framework for analyzing results.

Digital Marketing: Social Media, Email Marketing, Display, Organic Search, Paid Search, Blogging

Everything is digital these days, and this field has permeated almost every company sector.

The field has a significant impact on how an organization communicates with consumers and provides value to them.

So, in an increasingly international online environment, if your company cannot develop and execute an internet advertising plan, it will be unable to compete.

How Hard is Digital Marketing?

It isn’t easy to build a solid client base in the field at first. You must first set the groundwork, which includes picking the appropriate sector, acquiring industry influence, and continuing to research.

marketer working on his laptop

1. Client base

Customers are already accessible in most jobs, so you won’t have to interact with them. You won’t be able to earn any money as a digital marketer until you have a stable customer base.

Developing your own platform might be advantageous to your business’s financial aspect.

2. Bad reviews 

Some bad reviews early in your career might destroy your career. If consumers don’t like what you’re doing, you will have to start again immediately.

With dozens of internet marketers to choose from, no one likes to take a risk on someone who has a bad reputation.

3. Budget 

You don’t have to spend money. However, marketers who invest in their campaigns often have a stronger position. 

Investing a little money to stay ahead of the competition and simplify things for yourself may work for the long term.

4. Constant research

This major requires you to conduct continuous research. The industry’s primary value is understanding what’s hot and trendy.

Other competitors will overshadow you if you’re obsolete or out of touch with current industry trends. 

It would be best to catch pace with the curve by dedicating several hours every week to it.

5. A long grind

It takes a long time to master all the skills relevant to this field. You shouldn’t expect to be able to work full-time straight away. 

Your education might take months, if not years. You spend even more time building a solid, dependable cash flow from your customers. 

As a result, rather than seeing it as a quick money grab, consider it as a long-term investment.

Essential Skills in Digital Marketing 

We’ve also outlined the essential talents of a digital marketer to give you more ideas of how challenging this major may be.


You may have heard of SEO if you’ve ever hosted or operated a website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it relates to the procedure of trying to increase your site’s rank on Google.

SEO keyword map

Although SEO is a crucial skill, you may succeed as a marketer even if your SEO expert is below average.

It takes time, dedication, and a lot more practice to master this skill. Before confidently undertaking an SEO task, you must first test your knowledge with several sample sites.


PPC (pay per click) refers to purchasing ad slots on applications and websites. It’s a sibling to SEO, and it also aids in the development of website traffic.

You don’t have to pay for a search tool to have your website featured in the results. PPC, on the other hand, is a different story.

Pay Per Click

The Facebook and Google platforms make it feasible to sell advertising to a targeted audience to promote a company’s service or product. 

A traditional PPC training will show you how to reach the best demographic for a company’s resources to attract the most consumers for the least budget. 

PPC may lead to a rewarding job in internet advertising, and understanding it with SEO gives you digital competitiveness. 

Email and Social Media 

Although these are separate sectors, they are sufficiently relevant to be included in this context.

Social media platform logos

Email marketing is the technique of gathering user contacts and sending them designed emails to establish a loyal client base.

Social media marketing is developing a social media website to reach the greatest amount of people.

The combination of these two skills can make a digital marketer incredibly productive. 

What Is Easy About Digital Marketing? 

Don’t be discouraged because of the difficulties you will face. Some easy parts make your path smoother. 

You don’t need to learn how to program or use any special software to join the field. You’ll be alright if you analyze market trends, habits, product lines, services, and any relevant information.

If you start as a freelancer, you may discover job ads to grow your client base. Rather than searching through recruitment pages, you may go to these sites and see many job openings to help you get started.

Marketers in this field, unlike most day jobs, can work entirely from their laptops. There’s no need to get out of bed for work or struggle with the awful commute.

To get started, you’ll need little to no money. While qualifications and experience might help you reach your full potential, you don’t have to invest any money to work in this field. 


There are many things to learn in internet advertising. You will also struggle with your client base, budget, and adverse reactions. 

However, this field offers the best chance to control your schedule. You can even start as a freelancer with little money. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you picture what you will encounter when choosing this career. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.