Is Freelance Digital Marketing Hard?

Freelance digital marketers have many work opportunities because of the internet’s rapid growth. Today, the prospects for marketing jobs are always good.

But is freelance digital marketing hard? This post lists benefits and drawbacks to help you determine whether freelancing is the correct choice for you.

So, let’s dive into this post for more details!

What is Freelance Digital Marketing?

Freelance digital marketers typically work from home. They assist businesses with various duties linked to digital marketing.

As a freelance marketer, you work independently and are not an organization’s employee. You decide and execute the projects and tasks by yourself.

As there is a growing need, freelancing in the field is a fantastic career choice. When a marketing freelancer, you may work on your terms. You choose your schedule and do something worthwhile and suitable.

A remote job allows you to spend time with your family. But, there are numerous advantages to working for yourself as well as some drawbacks.

Is Freelance Digital Marketing Hard?

Yes. Freelance digital marketing is a challenging field. It comes with consistently high customer expectations, dynamic trends, and the latest technology.

Most professionals concur that it is not difficult to master the fundamentals. However, applying these skills successfully might take a lot of work.

This section will help you to determine if it is hard or easy.

Some advantages make freelance digital marketing easy, you should know.

1. No Need for A Degree

You can become a freelance digital marketer without earning a degree. Given technology’s development, it’s easy to obtain the skills necessary.

Many online courses cover the fundamentals of every aspect of digital marketing. You have access to these priceless materials right at your fingertips.

There is a massive selection of marketing training courses. Specialized classes give your CV the competitive edge to attract top clients.

2. A Lot Of Tools for Freelancing Work

Google Analytics

There are many marketing tools available that make your job simple. I divide them into several groups:

  • SEO tools
  • Project management software
  • Analytics software
  • Apps and sites
  • Reporting tools

For instance, the best digital marketing tools are always Google Analytics. It offers accurate and real-time analytics about your customers.

Semush, an internet marketing tool, offers SEO. Also, it includes excellent history website data, current trends, and rank change information.

Canva is a crucial tool for digital marketing as well. Here, we may create graphics and photos for our website or posts on social media.

In other words, these tools and software should simplify your job. They improve the accuracy of your work and streamline your reports.

3. Easy To Start With Fundamentals

It is challenging to comprehend all facets of digital marketing rapidly. Yet, it becomes simple once you start using it.

One of the simplest methods of digital marketing is email marketing. It regularly touches a group of loyal consumers and potential purchases.

If you have yet to gain experience, you could attempt email marketing. Then, you can strengthen your ability once you have mastered particular skills.

Besides the advantages, there are also challenges waiting for you ahead.

4. Getting “Taken” By A Scammer

Regrettably, some opportunists prey on freelancers, particularly those just entering the field. It would help if you steered clear of the following warning signs to avoid being “taken” by a scammer:

  • Ask for a deposit upfront

Receiving pay before beginning work is a brilliant idea. It helps to weed out clients who aren’t serious about your work and fraudsters.

  • Don’t open attachments

You can receive an email from scam artists posing as writing clients. They may include their proposals as attachments.

Therefore, do not open attachments that are sent to you by strangers.

  • Don’t write unpaid test

Avoid distributing your writing for free. Scammers could steal the piece and post it under their name. Then, they vanish without ever paying you for an article.

5. Social Isolation

Social isolation

You might miss the friendship while working from home. Zoom, Teams, and Google Meets considerably enhanced communication via the internet.

Yet, one drawback of freelancing is the need for face-to-face communication. In-person cooperation and group gatherings typically generate great ideas.

6. Irregular Income

When freelancing, you must work hard to ensure continuous income. It might be stressful to bounce from client to client and worry about the next payment.

A lack of perks like health care goes hand in hand with this lack of job stability. You may have to pay for your healthcare if you work from home.

7. Harsh Competition

The freelancing industry is highly competitive. Therefore, it might be challenging to prove oneself constantly. Independently developing expertise might take more time and money.

What Do Freelance Digital Marketers Do?

Freelance Marketer

As a freelance marketer, you have access to various digital marketing services. Here are some different digital marketing channels in which they often use:

1. Content Marketing

Independent digital marketers increase brand visibility by using written content. Content marketing includes copywriting, long-form content writing, and content strategy.

An increasingly common medium is video. In video marketing, you need to plan, write, and direct the creation of videos.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Content is being structured and improved by SEO. Search engines will value it and give it a high ranking. Search engine optimization is crucial. You’ll need it when writing blog posts or Amazon product descriptions.

3. Social Media Management

Social media platforms are crucial for marketing in many firms. Freelance social marketers strive to boost growth and engagement on social media.

4. Search Engine Marketing

SEM marketers produce, place, and monitor advertising on search engine results pages. They do keyword research and monitor the effectiveness of pay-per-click advertisements.

Is Freelance Digital Marketing a Good Career?

No job is flawless, and working as a freelance digital marketer is no exception. Let’s look at the benefits of freelance marketing jobs.

1. Independence

The person who does freelance digital marketing work can choose who to work with and what to work on. They can have a higher-up assign a project to you. This independence is motivating many digital marketers.

Your working hours are almost entirely under your control. If you satisfy client deadlines, you may choose how much and when you work.

Having the freedom to choose customers and projects is another benefit of freelancing. You’ll be able to pick which tasks to take on and safely bring in a constant supply of clients.

Independent digital marketers frequently work from home. You may work from anywhere with a computer and a strong internet connection.

The digital nomad lifestyle is suited to this line of work. If you work from home, you can work while traveling.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility in the workplace frequently results in work/life balance. You will be happier with more control over your schedule.

3. Variety

As a self-employed digital marketer, you can accept various client assignments.

Starting your own allows you to explore different market segments and industry kinds. You can also get to know consumers and clients in multiple industries.

4. Cost savings

The earning-money cost includes transport, clothing, cosmetics, meals, and coffee expenses. You will save so much money if you work as a freelance digital marketer.


It’s a terrific experience to start working as a freelancer in digital marketing. You may select which responsibilities to complete; the work is always exciting.

On the other hand, only some people are suited for this job. Developing your talents first is the most excellent method to increase your opportunities.