Is Game Design Hard? Guide for Future Designers

Playing games brings so much fun, and that’s why teenagers today are interested in learning to design their games down the line.

They can enter the gaming sea and be a game designer in many ways, but is it hard to learn? Can everyone get into this industry?

Yes, game design is challenging to learn due to the numerous disciplines you need to stick to create a game successfully. Those disciplines include marketing, video editing (trailers), music production, programming, and art.

This guide will show you a brief preview of the journey to master this subject and how your life will be when working in the gaming industry.

Is Video Game Design Hard?

Learning game design is a ​difficult yet rewarding journey. To become an accomplished designer, you need to have high-level technical expertise and skills.

Apart from that, some obstacles may get in your way to mastering this major.

A Large Amount of Skills & Software to Learn

One of the greatest challenges when approaching the gaming sea is the numerous skills you must learn and design to create games.

For instance, those working with 3D technology will have to excel in three skills (at least): sculpting, texturing, and general modeling.

Meanwhile, indie game designers will need to have a good head for UI design, composition, lighting, and programming.

We don’t mean to intimidate you, yet you can complete your games only when you apply all those necessary skills. Creating games call for foundational knowledge in various areas.

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The Complexity of Software in Game Design

The sad news is that the software needed for completing games is remarkably more complex and difficult to understand than other ordinary software you usually interact with.

Designing games call for the help of UVs, animation, rigging, modeling, and a bit of Maya’s texturing process.

If you are adept at four of the above five things, you may be a bit confident that you can create some cool, exciting effects for your products.

Otherwise, you’ll have to spend time picking up some unless you want your first product to be a disaster or add to the process’s complexity.

For instance, if you intend to produce many cut scenes, you’ll need some particular features from some software above.

Is Being A Game Designer Stressful?

Designing games is one of the most rewarding and exciting careers. Yet, the big rewards go with increased responsibility and stress.

There are certainly some challenging aspects that make it not a dream job, as many youngsters believe.

1. Unpredictable, Long Hours

Many workers have admitted that the extended, unpredictable working hours are the biggest disadvantage of this career. You may have to work nonstop, particularly at the initial stage.

Thus, it’s imperative to ensure that you’re passionate about your job and willing to dedicate your time and energy to it.

Don’t expect it to be a 9-to-5 job. Working overtime to guarantee a project’s success is not an uncommon thing.

2. High-Stress Positions

You’ll sometimes find your position stressful, and the stress level depends on your studio or working environment.

If you work in a sizable studio, it’s easy to find yourself feeling stressed and striving to meet impossible deadlines continuously.

However, some designers go for such stressful positions since they thrive under high stress, enjoy working in large studios, and can handle large projects.

3. Competitive Field

Since the gaming industry promises a desirable career and rewarding financial gain, more and more youngsters attempt to get into it and look for design positions.

Thus, the problem is not only about competing against other talented designers. It’s also about working hard to remain competitive and relevant and constantly exploring the latest trend to catch up with.

4. Geographical Location of Game Design Studios

Many of you may take this disadvantage lightly, but it matters. A nearby studio where you could reach easily and quickly in your region will benefit you a lot.

If you’re not willing to move to a new country or state to work or can’t find a nearby local studio, it’s a considerable obstacle when landing a dream job.

What’s The Hardest Part of Making a Video Game?

The most challenging part of designing a gaming video must be making it fresh, engaging, and fun.

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You’ll have to try and fail so many times before successfully creating a fascinating concept.

But if we look at the bright side, this will help you accumulate a lot of experience and ideas during the process of creativity.

Simply put, even when you can secure your position, it’s incredibly challenging to retain peak performance.

What Is Life Like as a Video Game Designer?

You’ll spend most of the day completing the rooted part of your job. It can be putting levels together or writing documentation or so.

Sometimes, your studio may have to face a crunch time when deadlines approach and the schedule gets tighter.

During this time, designers literally eat and sleep in the studio, working nonstop to finish everything.

As a designer, there will be late nights, weekend work, and all day long in the studio.

Do Game Designers Make Good Money?

Typically, you might make less money than a hardware engineer or network architect, particularly if you’re an entry-level designer.

However, you can earn more than a database architect or electrical engineer.

On average, a designer in the US can earn $52,952 to more than $170,000 a year.

Is It Worth It To Be A Game Designer?

With the drastic growth of mobile gaming today, the job opportunities for youngsters in this field are endless.

Games have appealed to both old and young people, allowing them to entertain themselves anywhere.

The extensive gaming market means that you can effortlessly get a position, provided you’re skilled and passionate enough.


Studying and mastering this subject is undoubtedly arduous, and becoming a designer is even harder.

The only way to survive the fierce competition is to produce relevant and fresh ideas constantly. So, prepare well to devote hard work, and the wonderful rewards are waiting for you!