Is it right to apply for a job with college friends? Recruiter’s thoughts

Very often, best buddies love everything together. They study the same major, spend all their time together on campus, and even want to work in the same place. But sometimes you become the company director, and you are faced with a situation where your friend is applying for a job at your company. As with any question, there are negative and positive sides, so let’s figure it out.

Cons of having a job with college friends

​Most recruiters will agree that you shouldn’t have a job with a friend. Let’s consider why such a decision can turn into significant problems in the future.

A friend will behave too familiarly

Of course, this statement will not apply to all companions but only those who cannot separate working and friendly relationships. But imagine the situation: a friend will recall curious incidents from childhood and so on in the presence of your subordinates. It will always put you in an awkward position and make you angry and annoyed.

And at some point, you will regret your decision to hire him. Of course, firing a friend can be too difficult. But do not think that this decision can affect your friendship. To mentally prepare for this, you can figure out what true friendship is. Try to read about friends topics and essay to understand many essential aspects, even about hiring friends. Other people’s experiences written in these examples of essays can be helpful for friendship.

Work duties

Of course, we can’t generalize because it all depends on the person. Someone may try to work correctly to justify his friend’s trust. But there will be such buddies for whom it will be a great temptation to neglect work duties. A friend can start to think:

  • “I can get away with everything because the boss is my friend.”
  • “What will he do to me?”
  • “Will he dare to release his friend?”

And as a result, there will be uncompleted work, and he’ll be late for work and allow himself too much. This behavior will annoy other employees.

Money and salary

Think about how you will react to the fact that a friend may ask for a higher salary over time. How will your employees behave if they find out about this? Their motivation and desire to work in your company will go down. Refuse a request – a friend will be offended. He may sabotage his duties and behave arrogantly.

It will be harder for you to release a friend

The decision to fire your friend can permanently destroy your friendship. Otherwise, you will have to keep an incompetent employee at work. Such a situation will cause you additional stress, and the decision to quit will lead to feelings of guilt.

Advantages of hiring buddies for work

​Our friends are people with whom we enjoy spending time, who share our interests, and simply those to whom we first turn for help. Friendly relationships are characterized by comfort and support, which is why having mates as business partners gives several advantages.

High level of trust

You have known such a colleague for a long time and can completely trust him in managing the company. You have a thorough understanding of how your friend behaves in certain situations, and many problems can be solved intuitively.

Common interests and beliefs

Friends who spend a lot of time together most likely have common interests and share the same value system. When your best friend is your colleague or subordinate, it may be much easier for you to make many important decisions and overcome obstacles in the way of a growing business.

Everyone is strong in something

In the circle of your acquaintances and relatives, there are many examples of stories when two buddies – one active and the other quiet but in love with his business – worked together and prospered because their strengths were perfectly combined.

Relationships tested by the time

The most frequent reason for the collapse of companies is traditionally a conflict between colleagues. Often, people need help understanding each other, reaching a common consensus, or finding a compromise. Buddies have well-practiced this skill long before the start of the joint business.

Psychological comfort

It is challenging to explain this human feature, but the fact remains that it is much easier to work with a friend. You can dream about your own business for many years but never dare to take the first step until one of your friends has the same desire. And then, with a fire in your eyes, you can conquer the heights of entrepreneurship.


Mixing friendship and business relationships hides many potential pitfalls. You will not be able to predict everything in advance, what will be the consequences of your desire to help a friend. Of course, hiring a friend will not always have negative consequences. If you are faced with such a challenge, one of the best solutions will be an honest and open conversation with a friend. Discuss all the details of future cooperation so that each of you carefully weighs all the pros and cons.