Is Java Hard? Why Should You Learn It?

When it comes to studying Java, many beginners have reservations. Many people believe it is impossible, and others believe it is difficult. So, many people keep wondering, is this programming language hard to learn?

No, Java is quite simple to learn in comparison to other coding languages. Of course, if you put in the effort, you can master it quickly.

A basic tutorial can show you how object-oriented it is. Let’s read to know more!

Is Java Hard To Learn For A Beginner?

Java has been around for a long time, so people have had lots of time to get used to and upgrade it. Moreover, they use Java in many places, so many programmers are familiar with it.

However, those two factors do not always make learning more straightforward for a new programmer. Newbies need more time to get used to it. 

Java also includes essential, detailed elements and sophisticated, challenging notions, like there are in every programming language.

Java code

Java’s difficulty level is determined in part by your level of technical knowledge and desire to know a coding language.

If you want to study Java, you will encounter basic concepts like variables and functions and polymorphism. If you begin with the fundamentals and work your way up, you should have no trouble picking it up.

So, is there any benefit to learning Java? Yes, Java is so widely used, and you have to understand a lot of code if it needs to be upgraded to something different.

If you want to work as a software developer, you will have to deal with Java-based legacy systems. Moreover, you may discover that it works perfectly for your projects.

Why Should You Learn Java?

The appropriate programming language is among the IT business’s most passionate disputes. Many people appear to argue over which one is the greatest.

Honestly, personal tastes are a matter of choices. When it comes to programming, one individual may prefer Java, while others might prefer Python.

If you have trouble deciding which language to learn, start thinking about the organizations you want to go for.

Java developer

These factors will influence the coding language you need to choose. However, one thing is for sure: Java has always been one of the most widely used programming languages.

If you believe it is challenging to learn, we have compiled some practical ways to assist you in learning how to write in this language. Here are some compelling reasons to understand it.

1. Small Limitations

This coding language is so versatile, and you can accomplish a lot. It is adaptable and can operate on nearly any operating system. 

Because of this, it has been a game-changing innovation from the first days. It appears presently in a variety of industries and gadgets. Given its mobility and security level, it has relatively few constraints.

2. Deep Community Support

According to Oracle’s estimation, there are only roughly 9 million Java programmers on the planet. It only demonstrates how many individuals you can rely on when you do not comprehend a programming idea. 

It is clear how important a community is in education and learning, not just for coding. You may acquire a fast lesson from any public forums if you are stuck understanding this coding language. 

3. Open Source

Even though this code language is a marketable product, most of its features are open source. You may use them to construct small-scale and beginner-friendly projects. This code language also provides a plethora of support resources and libraries.

4. High Demand

Several applications require this code language to run, which explains the high demand. Being a Java developer, you will have many options at your disposal. 

Moreover, these developers are among the highest-paid employees in the IT business.

What Are The Best Ways To Learn Java?

We discovered that the most significant barrier to truly understanding the content was the lack of practice.


The most common blunder people make while learning is thinking they’ve learned something because they read a book or watched many videos.

The fact is that you haven’t learned anything until you practice it. If you do not code, you won’t understand a coding language.

It is something we cannot emphasize enough. You should get your fingers in the keyboards and start to code right away. However, it would be best to master the Syntax.

Learn The Syntax

A language’s syntax is a collection of rules that define how software is written and understood. When learning a language, it is a primary thing you know.

The syntax is sometimes described by observing how it responds to the simple expression “hello world.”

Practice Daily

The next step is to study the principles after mastering the syntax since you may not practice enough the first time you took Java.

So. you need to attend class as complete as possible, or in the event of a self-taught learner, reading the book before watching the video is necessary. However, the active learning portion is more significant than the passive part. 

It is a fantastic language, so if you are going to learn it, make sure you stick to it. We recommend practicing hands-on for at least 1 hour per day.

Free Sources To Learn Java

The content you study is equally as important as how you learn, if not more important. There are several resources available online or at university to assist you in learning Java, but none are equal.

Some may be outdated, and others are incorrect. However, please do not waste your time searching. Here are some excellent free tools to help you.

Code Gym

We are a massive supporter of the technique used by Code Gym. It’s a lot of fun, and it does a great job of balancing active and passive learning. We cannot believe this is available for free.

Coding Bat

It is the most excellent free training resource available. Coding Bat has practice courses for every step of your learning journey. It’s the most efficient approach to complete your regular practice.


So, how do you feel about our answer? Is Java still hard to learn after reading this article? If you have any concerns about this, please let us know.