Jooble Talks About Finding A Remote Job For Junior DevOps

DevOps combines two significant parts of an organization; the development and the operations team. The development team usually is saddled with the responsibility of creating a product, while the operation team manages and maintains the product created. However, DevOps combines both, making it faster and easier to develop and manage products. They also make products get to consumers more quickly.

A DevOps engineer is an IT professional who works with the operations and development teams to manage software development, release, and deployment. A DevOps engineer is a bridge between various teams in the organization that contributes to rapid and easy development and release. Being a DevOps is lucrative, and the job is readily available if you have the proper qualification. For instance, you can get a junior DevOps remote job on Jooble.

To make life easier, we have collaborated with experts from job aggregator Jooble to enlighten you on what it takes to be a junior DevOps. We will start by defining the roles of junior DevOps. We will then discuss how you can get a remote junior DevOps job online. Let’s get into it.

What Does A Junior DevOps Do?

A junior DevOps is a position for beginners that may require little or no experience. Junior DevOps mainly assist experienced professionals in getting things done. However, their work is crucial all the same. The average salary for a junior DevOps annually is $108,000, which makes it a great career to pursue.

Below are some of the duties of a junior DevOps:

Software Installation & Configuration

DevOps are IT specialists for operation and development. As such, they ensure that each department gets the necessary tools to function optimally. One of the principal duties of an entry-level developer is to install and configure software on both virtual systems and hardware computers.

Project Coordination

Although a junior-level developer is just a beginner, you might be saddled with some supervision duty when your seniors are busy doing other things such as brainstorming ideas and creating prototypes.

System Monitoring

Another IT-related duty of junior DevOps is to monitor the systems and ensure they are working perfectly. In case you notice any glitch, it is best to call the attention of experienced DevOps to it.

Support Provision

The junior DevOps is saddled with providing support across the board. They support members of the various departments they work with to ensure they give the optimal result. Also, they provide support for deploying the necessary application to suitable quarters. In addition, they also support server maintenance activities.

Identifying Alternate Solutions

As a junior DevOps, you can quickly identify alternate solutions to problems. Due to the constant collaboration and involvement in the process, it is easy for a junior DevOps to observe the irregularities and problems in a system.

Technical Documentation

Documentation helps keep the record alive. It helps leave a guide behind for the future. Also, documenting technical processes makes it easier to come back and make corrections when necessary. Hence, as a junior DevOps, you are expected to document the technical processes you and your senior colleagues took while working.

How To Get A Remote Job As A Junior DevOps

As much as a junior DevOps engineer’s job is entry-level, it still takes a lot to get it. Not only do you need education, knowledge, and skills, but you also need to know how to go about the whole thing.

Below are the steps to take to find a remote job as a junior DevOps:

Research What It Entails

It cannot be overstated that you need to have a whole idea of what you are getting into to do it successfully. So, whether you want to start your career or are only switching careers, knowing what you are going into can help you immensely.

Research what you need to become a junior DevOps engineer. Check out the education requirements, and see if you already have them. Also, check out the necessary skills and the state requirements for where you are.

Get A Bachelor’s Degree

The minimum qualification to become a junior DevOps is a degree in computer engineering or other related fields. However, some employers prefer candidates that have a master’s degree. You can therefore consider getting a master’s degree if you already have a bachelor’s degree.

Take Courses on Software Development

While still getting your degree, you should also start laying the groundwork for being a successful DevOps engineer. Take courses on software development and network security. You can also consider courses on app development. These courses are essential as they will give you the background knowledge needed to thrive in the profession.

Gain Basic Experience

You need to be experienced to get a DevOps job, even at an entry-level. Experience in software development can help a lot. You can work as an entry-level software developer after graduation. Also, you can start doing IT right from school to boost your chances. Two to three years of experience is enough to help you get the job of an entry-level DevOps engineer.

Hone The Necessary Skills

Apart from academics and experience, you also need skills to become a junior DevOps engineer. These skills help you navigate the day-to-day life of a junior DevOps. For instance, you need excellent communication skills as you will deal with people daily and communicate with them. You also need to be vast with leadership and time management skills to excel in this profession.

Obtain Certifications

Certifications are proof of your competency and proficiency. It is crucial for you to get the necessary certifications before you can become a junior DevOps engineer. The Certified Jenkins Engineer is a good certification that can help you stand out amongst the competition.

Create An Online Presence

Since it is a remote job you want, the probability that you will find it online rather than offline is high. It is, therefore, essential for you to work on getting the job soon. Start by creating a resume on a reputable job search website like Jooble. You can also use your Linkedin to propel yourself into the online space.

Apply For Jobs

The next thing to do now is to apply for jobs. Create a great CV and use it to find a job. Also, you can subscribe to the newsletter and information desk to learn about available jobs for junior DevOps.


DevOps ensures a faster rate of innovation and helps reduce the time and resources needed to develop software. It is a well-paying job that is highly demanded across all industries. However, it requires a lot of work to get the job. Fortunately, the requirement for employment for the job is worth it because of the pay. This article has discussed what you need to know about getting an online junior DevOps engineering job.