KeepNotes: Best Library for Tech Students & Educators

Learning involves working with a lot of information. The KeepNotes platform is designed to address the needs of those looking for the information and those willing to share it (and even earn from it!). One of the service’s key features is a clear and strict observance of the quality of notes placed on it. All the materials uploaded to the site are subjected to obligatory moderation and appear in the public domain only after careful checking. Additionally, in the case of a successful check, the author of the posted work receives payment. It’s straightforward: you place the work, get the moderation, and get the deserved reward!

How Does KeepNotes Help Students?

According to statistics, students in different countries attend university on average 160-180 days a year, which is already 6 months! Thus, any opportunity to simplify and reduce the time spent on academic paperwork is greeted.

KeepNotes is a powerful platform that makes searching for students’ notes easy. One of the service’s main features is the structuring of the information posted and the convenience of seeking through the catalog. You do not need to look through hundreds of records to find what you need on different topics:

  • Marketing;
  • History;
  • Mathematics;
  • Languages;
  • Physics;
  • Law;
  • Chemistry;
  • Economics;
  • Geography.

You can choose the additional parameters from the list: university, course, and subject to find the information from specific sources. Additionally, the service allows you to choose different materials: Lecture notes, Answer keys, Assignments, Cases, or Labs.

KeepNotes’ Uniques Features

Of course, you may have met websites with academic materials. Often they are arranged as a “library” where it is difficult to find what you need. Finding the necessary materials on KeepNotes will take a minimum of time! Besides, you can post a photocopy of your work, which will take up to two or three minutes. Time has a special meaning for a student. That’s why we’ve made sure to leave you time to relax, walk, and sleep!

How to Upload Your Notes?

We’ve done everything to make it easy to work, even for new PC users. All you need to do to get started is to enter the site and register. You can do this by email (you’ll get a confirmation letter after registration) or sign in with your Gmail account. You can post your notes from your phone, laptop, or desktop computer.

After authorizing your account, you will see a simple and clear interface.

  1. You must click the Browse My Files button to download the document from your device.
  2. To post a note, select your university and course from the list of available ones.
  3. Add a short description and post your material (in PDF format).
  4. You can use a special online service to convert your document to PDF format. Voila!

It is important to note that the content of the uploaded notes must be appropriate and consistent with the platform’s goals and rules. The notes must exclude inappropriate or illegal content and the use of other authors’ content to respect copyright and privacy policies.

Easy Searching: How It Works?

The site has a convenient mechanism for looking for necessary materials based on the keyword search. It is especially true when you must prepare a large research paper with specific requirements (100 pages or more), so the time for finding material sources is also reduced. Therefore, formulate your request as clearly as possible to find the necessary information. If you cannot find documents on a specific topic, try to broaden your search, e.g., specifying the field of economics, history, etc.

You can also search for documents in a certain format ─ say if you are looking for lecture notes specifically from lectures. Enter a keyword in the search bar for a list of currently available materials.

Upload Your Notes & Earn Money!

On average, it takes four to seven years to study at a university, depending on the major and degree. During this time, students process and create a huge amount of information. Of course, this primarily contributes to them as future specialists. However, publishing your notes can also be a return on your efforts invested in the learning process.

Did you write a successful research paper or solve a complex mathematical equation? Great! It is information that can be useful to students around the world. Share your note and get rewarded for it! KeepNotes has implemented the most transparent payment system possible.

  • Administrators will check your material within 48 hours.
  • Each note you post and get moderated costs $1.
  • If you have posted 20 documents, you get a bonus of $20.

Minimum action on your part is a great opportunity to get a financial premium. And it’s especially relevant to students if they don’t get a scholarship (in some countries, you need to be eligible for that by many conditions) or don’t have the opportunity to work while studying. Payments earned by authors on KeepNotes are made on PayPal with no hidden commissions on our part.

Benefits of the KeepNotes Platform

Many students need help because last year alone, many students deteriorated their grades. The KeepNotes platform was developed to help handling academic papers easier. The service is constantly improving and already has several obvious advantages:

  • Convenience: an intuitive interface and easy navigation, which makes using the platform convenient and enjoyable.
  • Organization: users can organize their notes into sections and subsections, which helps structure the information and quickly find what they need.
  • Accessibility: the service is available across multiple devices, allowing users to access their notes anytime, anywhere.
  • Sharing: users can collaborate on their notes, share their content and get feedback from other users.

One of the service’s features is also the strict observance of privacy. It applies to users and their information, not disclosed or shared with third parties. It also concerns posted notes that are always checked for uniqueness and quality. We strive to do everything to ensure that the base of materials on the site always meets the highest quality standards. Just sign up and evaluate the service to see how convenient and useful it is!

What Should You Know Before Cooperating?

Since KeepNotes is a new platform, it continues to grow and develop. Before you start, we want to honestly mention some nuances you may encounter when working with the service:

  • Dependence on Internet connectivity. Since the site works with many items, you must have a stable Internet connection while loading your notes.
  • Functionality. To meet your expectations, we advise you to first study the features and rules of the service. You may need other functionality to implement your tasks.
  • Concern for confidential data. There can always be a fear of data privacy when working with online services. For your peace of mind, we recommend not publishing data that could violate your privacy (e.g., the name and surname in an outline).

Also, remember that some additional features may only be available in the paid platform version. However, you can start using the free version and decide if you need additional options for a fee.

KeepNotes & Alternative Services: Which One to Choose?

Of course, there are a large number of services on the market that specialize in working with textual materials. Here are several examples of other note-taking services:

  • Studocu is an online platform that allows students to access a wide range of study materials, including lecture notes, study guides, and past exam papers. It provides a collaborative environment where students can share and upload their study resources, making it a valuable resource for academic support and exam preparation.
  • Docsity is a platform focused on academic content sharing. It allows students to upload and access lecture notes, textbooks, and study materials from various disciplines. The platform also includes discussion and user interaction features, enabling students to collaborate and exchange knowledge.
  • CourseHero is an online learning platform that offers a vast library of study resources, including lecture notes, practice exams, and study guides. It provides a subscription-based model, allowing students to access various educational materials. CourseHero also offers a platform for students to ask questions and get answers from subject experts or other students.

Each of the platforms mentioned has its advantages and features. To choose the service which will solve your needs, you should formulate your needs and evaluate what functionality you need. It is also worth mentioning that not all platforms have free versions. Thus, some alternative services charge a fee without the possibility of pre-testing their work.

Final Thoughts

KeepNotes is not just a note-taking service. It is a specialized platform with a convenient and fast online library where the necessary materials can be found in just a few clicks. Moreover, one of the enjoyable features is that the authors of the notes get a real reward for their intellectual work. At the same time, the service is constantly developing and improving its work to help students make their lives as easy as possible!