Look And Sound Great In Video Meetings With These 4 Tips

It’s no secret that video meetings are the new face of communication. This is especially true for businesses, where they can be used to save time and money on travel costs. And with rates as low as $0 per minute, it’s more affordable than ever before to connect with clients or team members across the country without any jet lag in between. But what you might not know is how important it is to look and sound your best during a meeting, so you don’t miss out on opportunities due to lack of preparation. Here are four tips that will help you do just that! 

Quality Sound Matters

Poor sound quality can make communication difficult. This is especially true if you are using a headphone with only one earpiece. Not being able to hear what others are saying or understanding portions of their message can be very distracting. It’s also important that people on-screen clearly see your mouth when you speak, so keep the microphone close. Avoid covering your face with your hands and make sure that the camera has a clear view of your face.

You can rely on quality sound technology. There are a variety of devices available for online meetings that help to optimize sound quality. Sites like 323.tv show that some are built into the video conferencing system, while others are separate devices you can buy if your organization does not have this technology already set up. These conferencing systems are the best way to ensure quality sound and to look and sound professional.

Check Your Appearance

If something doesn’t look right about your hair or clothes, now’s the time to fix it! Doing so can boost your confidence and influence the way you communicate. It’s also important to make sure that what you’re wearing doesn’t look distracting different from those on screen. People will notice these differences and be drawn away from your intended message.

Wearing dark colors with a dark background will make the most of your appearance. On the other hand, wearing light colors against a dark background can make you appear faded and washed out. When it comes to looking great on screen, keep this tip in mind!

Position Yourself Properly

You don’t want to block the camera’s view of anyone on screen. This is especially important when speaking with multiple people in a group video meeting. When there are two or three people on screen, you should stand or sit to the left or right of the camera. Make sure that you’re one to two feet away from the camera and that you’re facing it directly. You can also try moving closer or further away from the screen if the image is too dark or too light.

No matter where you stand, make sure your body doesn’t move too much once filming begins. All viewers will be watching you, so keep in mind your body language and be mindful of how it is being perceived.

Be Aware Of Background Noise

It can be a challenge to look and sound great in a video meeting when there are distractions in the background. Try to have a quiet room for meetings to focus on your message instead of any outside noise. No matter what you have going on behind the scenes, you should always speak clearly and naturally. Power through distractions by focusing on your words and tone. If necessary, take a break in conversation if there is a loud sound or a bit of a commotion from another room.

By following the four tips in this article, you can make sure that you look and sound great in your next video meeting! Remember to focus on your words and tone, position yourself properly, be aware of background noise, and dress appropriately.