MBA in Information Technology

Information technology is a potential field of study and attracts many participants. This major is relatively broad, and you can choose your own path.

You can direct yourself to training programs in information management, web design, or computer and database security.

In particular, the MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Information Technology (IT) is a specific program that you should study because it will provide you with helpful knowledge about information system management and operation.

Let’s follow our detailed course review below!

What is an MBA in IT?

MBA in Information Technology is a full time course that provides students with the knowledge and skills to manage and operate information systems.

In addition to a basic understanding of management, students can also participate in classes on developing business models through information management systems.

Furthermore, the course also gives students more advanced knowledge of information security and databases.

If you want to improve your management skills and develop your business models, you should choose an MBA.

It is a beneficial course with a central and adequate amount of knowledge that helps learners quickly grasp the problem they can further explore according to their understanding.

So what exactly is this course like? Check out our course overview below!

MBA Program Overview

All the general information we provide below has been verified for accuracy, so you can rest assured! Scroll slowly, so you don’t miss important, fascinating details.

Time and cost

MBA year duration:
Full-time - 2 years
Part-time - 3 years
Accelerated 12-18 months
4+1 - 5 years

The audience of the MBA program is relatively broad, including those who are just starting to study information technology.

To study effectively in an MBA program requires you to have a basic knowledge of information technology. In addition, if you are an experienced person, learning them becomes even more accessible.

The course length is quite flexible, and you can study for one year, two years, or even three or four years. The duration of the study will depend mainly on your wishes and aspirations.

The minimum cost of the course is relatively affordable, around $4,530 per term.

In addition, you will have to pay some additional fees related to study materials and other costs incurred. Overall, for the price and quality it offers, it’s worth it.

Specific training program

Biodesign technology

The MBA in Information Technology will focus you on several central issues in the management and operation of information systems.

At the same time, it provides you with some practical and highly applicable skills in many related professions. Specifically, these are the programs:

  • MBA Information technology startup programs
  • MBA Information technology project management
  • Biodesign
  • IT strategic solutions
  • Supply chain management
  • New energy technology

The knowledge that the executive MBA course brings to students is highly diverse and of high quality. They are logical in a particular order to help learners absorb the best.

Growth potential


Based on one of the facts, we found that up to 95% of students succeed after taking the MBA information technology.

All of them have been working in essential positions, suitable for extremely attractive salaries. From there, we can see more clearly the growth potential of the part time MBA course.

Along with a good salary and good position, you need to work hard and strive. Success will not come to you if you are lazy and refuse to learn.

We recommend that you accurately determine the purpose of studying for an MBA to have your direction for the future. Do not follow the movement because that will waste a lot of your time and money.

Job Opportunities

After joining an MBA in it, you can work in any position you want. However, to save your time below, we would like to offer only three important and full time job positions that you can ultimately apply for.

IT systems manager

Computer and information operating systems managers

The first position that you can take after finishing the master of business administration course is information systems manager. You have to supervise, operate, and manage information and computer systems when standing in this position.

The salary for this full time job is relatively large, about $146,000 per year. The specific cost will depend on the unit of work as well as knowledge and experience.

Moreover, the salary and bonus at this position can also increase over the years. Therefore, choosing to work in this position is an excellent suggestion for you.

Therefore, make sure you have an MBA degree because it is a promise to help you have better opportunities in the future.

Furthermore, you will be able to advance faster with a quality MBA degree.

Director of Information Systems

Director of Information Systems

The Information Systems Operations Manager is an excellent position, having a unique and specialized role in operating and providing technical support to organizations or businesses.

When working in this position, your salary is extremely attractive, averaging about $245,000 per year. However, the compensation received will be different for each business or organization.

Technology developer

technology developers

MBA information technology developers have an essential role in finding and developing valuable applications or software that aid in database security. The salary for this position averages around $90,000 per year.

The number is quite impressive and suitable for the effort you put in. You can choose this job as a premise to develop skills and experience for yourself so that you can hold and advance to higher positions in the future.

Therefore, you must complete the MBA course. It is a motivation to help you strive and proof of your efforts on your future path.


With the MBA in Information Technology overview above, we hope to help you correctly orient the following steps on your career path.

An MBA is a particular training program, and you should join to enhance your knowledge, experience, and skills. Try it out and give us feedback!