Multimedia Designer vs. Graphic Designer

When you fall in love with design, you will wonder whether to pursue a job as a multimedia or graphic designer. You must have creativity and technical skills to be good at these two jobs.

There are some differences between them that you must be aware of. So, what are you waiting for without learning to compare a multimedia designer and graphic designer with us? Dive into this article to learn more!

What is a Multimedia Designer?

Many people do not know what a multimedia designer is. In short, this person makes a variety of multimedia content. People who do this work use many media forms, such as text and images.

Also, they have worked on many projects in many fields, including websites and digital advertising.

Multimedia Designer

Besides, they are responsible for conceptualizing and implementing projects. This task is to bring a message or idea to the target audience. To do this, they must combine their skills in graphic design with digital media production.

During their work, they often work in groups with other experts. They can be copywriters, animators, or programmers.

The ultimate aim is to create appealing and engaging multimedia content.

What is a Graphic Designer?

Graphic designers make visual concepts. They often use computer software to create their products, so they will need to understand the design details.

These include colors and typography. They must also know how to edit images and layouts to create visual documents.

Graphic Designer

You can see many of their products in real life. These include logos or product packaging. Before any tasks, they must understand the needs of clients. From there, they develop creative solutions. Their goal is to bring the message to the target audience.

They often team with marketing experts to create cohesive and effective campaigns. Thus, besides skills in using graphic software, they must have good communication and teamwork skills.

Key Differences

We will find the difference between these two jobs in this section. And then, you will have the basis to choose which job is right for you.

Learning Curves

Multimedia design often involves more skills and knowledge than the last one.

Besides graphic design, you must have knowledge of digital media production and animation. So you must have more diverse technical skills. As a result, it may take longer to master.

In contrast, the last one often focuses more on visual communication and brand design. These skills are generally easier to manage. So, they only need to focus on design principles and software tools.

So, the learning curve of multimedia designers is steeper for some individuals.


Many people will mistakenly think the tasks of these two jobs are the same. But there are many differences.

First, we will talk about the duties of a multimedia designer:

  • Design projects. They must work with text and images. They must also consider other interactive features such as video and audio.
  • Develop user interfaces for websites. Besides, they create mobile apps.
  • Create and edit video content with the software. To do this, they must be skilled in Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.
  • Design and develop interactive animations. In this task, Adobe Flash and HTML5 help them a lot.
  • Team with other experts. Working with programmers and copywriters can ensure a quality end product.

Meanwhile, the duties of a graphic designer typically include:

  • Create visual concepts and designs for print media. They will usually design the logo and brand identity. In many cases, they have to design the packaging and website.
  • Choose the right colors, fonts, and images. This task is to convey the brand message or identity effectively.
  • Use the software to create and edit image elements.

In general, multimedia designers tend to work on more complex projects. Also, they need many skills and technical knowledge in different formats.

Meanwhile, the last one has focused on creating visual communication materials.

Career Paths

As a multimedia designer, you have many career paths to choose from. You can work in the entertainment industry, such as in advertising and film production. Besides, you can do web design and software development.

Next, we talk about career paths for the last one. Just like a multimedia designer, you will have many job options. But mainly work in the marketing industry.

You have many choices whether you pursue which one. But the field of activity of multimedia design is more. This feature makes it easier for you to find a job.


In short, multimedia designers earn higher salaries than the last one. According to a BLS survey, the income of these two jobs is $77,700 and $53,380 respectively.

This difference is because the first one has more duties. But there are some exceptions in this case. Graphic designers working in advertising or marketing can earn high salaries. This salary can even be higher. So numbers are approximate. What matters is your effort and passion.

Job Outlooks

According to our survey, the demand for multimedia artists will increase. This case is due to the increased demand for animation and visual effects. The proof is the favor of video games and movies in society.

On the other hand, the jobs of the last one are likely to decline. This drop is partly due to the increased use of automated design software. But you will still have a place in the industry if you have good graphic design skills.

Work Environments

Multimedia designers often work in an office environment. Meanwhile, graphic designers can work from home.

In general, the working environment of multimedia designers is somewhat more oppressive. So if you love freedom, the second one is a career you can pursue. For Gen Z young people, a freelance job is a self-choice.

Comparison Table

This comparison table will help you summarize the difference between these two jobs.

Multimedia DesignerGraphic Designer
Learning CurvesHarder to learnEasier to learn
DutiesMore difficult dutiesLess and easier duties
Career PathsMore fieldsFewer fields
Job OutlooksThe demand will increaseThe demand will decrease
Work EnvironmentsMore stuffyMore freedom

Which Should You Choose?

Honestly, the answer depends on you. Multimedia designers may be better if you like attractive salaries and a wide choice of jobs. This job will help you learn a lot of design and manufacturing skills.

But it takes you more time to learn all the knowledge of this field. Besides, when working in this position, you will work harder.

So you can consider a graphic designer to shorten your learning and working time. Besides, you will often work as a freelancer. This benefit makes it a wise choice for young people.

Final Verdict

Your interests and skills will determine whether you choose to become a multimedia designer or a graphic designer.

The first one is a wiser choice if salary and career path are essential to you. On the other hand, you might enjoy becoming a graphic designer if you prioritize learning curves and freedom.

Hopefully, this article has helped you make the right choice. Thereby, you can succeed on your career path. For more information, visit our website!