Pay for Essay: Reasons Why Students Pay Essay Writing Services in the AI Era

Many easy-to-use AI writing tools are becoming available. These powerful new writing tools can help students to write their essays. It can be quite hard to detect that they haven’t done the writing themselves. 

These tools can produce paragraphs of text and all kinds of content. For students, an essay answering a question about Macbeth may be just a few short clicks away. If this is the case, why are many students still paying writing services for essays?

AI tools still need improving

Despite the availability of AI writing tools, many students buy pre-written essays because they are generally still of a higher quality. This may not be the case in the future as AI writing tools improve. AI writing has come a long way, but it can still make mistakes in composition and grammar. 

Punctuation, grammar and sentence structure may need fixing. Educators can usually still detect the difference between what’s written by a human or by a machine. Students can be in a tricky position if a professor spots that an essay was written by a machine. 

AI tools don’t replace human input

Students already use computer-assisted tools, like Grammarly and plagiarism checkers. Using these tools to help them with their content hasn’t stopped them from requesting papers from paper services. 

In the same way, AI writing tools may help them but work best when positioned as an assistant. Purchasing an essay is still the most efficient and cost-effective way to get good grades. It is also a great way to ensure that a paper is free of plagiarism. Professional writers are aware of all the citation styles and how to ensure that a paper passes any plagiarism checker test. Most AI tools scrape the internet for examples of written content, and plagiarism may be an issue. 

A student paper must meet strict academic requirements

Not all AI tools will produce work according to the specific style, format and content guidelines of a particular assignment. Purchasing an essay ensures that academic requirements are met by professional essay writers. Students at college who pay for essay writing on EduBirdie can have essay work completed by expert writers. These writers have an academic background and also often have years of experience. 

When students order an essay, they know that the writing they receive will be unique and live up to all the academic requirements, such as correct referencing, formatting etc. When they receive essays from expert online writers, they have a good example to learn from and more time to study. 

AI writing tools lack nuance

AI writing tools have many advantages, but the writing may lack nuance. The tools can only learn from what humans train them to do. Academic writing, particularly scientific one, has discipline-specific nuances. AI writing tools may not learn these nuances if the training data doesn’t include such content. They may not always “understand” the context, and authors need to check their work carefully to avoid errors. 

Concerns about bias

Humans train AI tools, and they are, therefore, subject to bias. This can be a problem in research and scientific writing. They shouldn’t be used to complete a writing task like this without human vetting. Personal judgment is still necessary at every step. Developers need to have an awareness of the risk of bias and include representative training sets. 

Other risks that need assessing

Tech companies need to think about the consequences of what they develop. They don’t just have to test their products for technical problems before release. Ethical and societal considerations can’t be an afterthought. It is important for them to assess the risks of AI writing tools and how to mitigate them.

Some experts liken fears about cheating with AI tools to concerns about the invention of the calculator. People thought the invention of calculators would stop humans from learning math, but they were simply incorporated to help with learning. Academic institutions will need to become more creative if they want to find ways to integrate new AI writing tools into their curriculum


AI writing tools are improving all the time, but they won’t replace human input just yet. Machines still make errors, and real-life writers have to make judgment calls. Using AI tools to assist and improve writing can be beneficial but relying on them entirely is often a mistake. Students still tend to pay for essay writing services because they know they will receive quality content that’s plagiarism free and receive good grades. 

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