10 Podcasts about Computer Science for Aspiring Students

One of the most popular media types is podcasts. You can learn more about your area, update current events, or get professional advice via podcasts.

Are you really into computer science? Thanks to this media, you can dive into this industry, stay updated with the latest trends, and build your knowledge.

Computer science is about computer studies, including computational theory, software, and hardware design, or algorithms.

Computer science experts report having one of the greatest levels of work satisfaction, and computing positions are currently among the top paid.

Do you want to work in this industry? Let’s learn about it before achieving a position. Here are 10 fantastic computer science podcasts that are advantageous to anyone working in the industry.

1. Software Engineering Radio

This podcast focused on design and software engineering is beneficial for anyone interested in these fields. The podcasts from Software Engineering Radio aim to provide ongoing, current education.

You will have a chance to learn about the recent technology and methodology via in-depth analyses, interviews, and assessments of current events.

The leading firm of this well-liked podcast, IEEE Software, has been disseminating it to enthusiasts since 2006.

2. Spark With Nora Young

Spark with Nora Young offers a fantastic, comprehensive view of the most recent advancements in the IT industry and computer science.

The topics covered may be highly diverse, ranging from smartphone programming to the application of computer sciences in other sectors.

The audience can participate in the performance through various interactive events that Nora hosts.

3. The Code Newbie Podcast

As its name suggests, this podcast is suitable for anyone inexperienced in programming and technology.

This podcast discusses every fundamental aspect of the information technology industry thanks to its broad scope.

Instead of concentrating on a particular technological aspect, it seeks to provide pertinent information on several different subjects.

Each episode includes interviews with experts from diverse skill levels and backgrounds regarding the presenter’s coding adventures and discussing technology for beginners.

4. Linux Action Show

Anyone intrigued by the OS Linux will benefit significantly from this program. Each week, it releases a new podcast.

This informative podcast actively disseminates all the information on Linux OS and the future advancements of this operating system.

In recent episodes, the show has expanded outside Linux to address challenges from other technology innovation platforms, like Microsoft Surface and Loki.

5. Security Now

Security Now takes the following position on the list of top computer science podcasts.

Leo Laporte from TechTV co-hosts this podcast, which gives audiences an up-to-date overview of everything currently happening in computer security.

This podcast provides the listeners with guidance on security understanding and practice, covering significant events and expert tips and analysis.

This podcast keeps updating you by releasing about one new episode every week; visitors can always download previous episodes.

6. Twit: This Week In Tech

Besides Security Now, Leo Laporte of TechTV is also getting involved in hosting the Twit podcast.

Specifically, Microsoft products are the topic of this podcast on contemporary computer science.

This “roundtable” discussion will update you on all significant events while providing insight into the most recent high-tech advances.

Twit focuses on everything Microsoft has daily discussions on current affairs, upgrades, security, and much more.

7. This Developer’s Life

What challenges do you anticipate encountering if you decide to become a developer?

You would be astonished by the number of ‘issues’ that may occur throughout projects, ranging from ethical concerns to simple practicalities.

This podcast, modeled after the legendary radio show This American Life, features developers’ first-person accounts on various subjects.

It’s informative and a fantastic talk for individuals unsure precisely what computer science area they will be engaged in.

8. Programming Throwdown

Do you want a thorough overview of programming? Start with a podcast about computer science called Programming Throwdown.

Early episodes introduce different levels and programming languages, giving a thorough overview of the programming field.

With each new episode, the program delves deeper into more general concepts in programming, including Unit Testing and Design Patterns.

9. Software Developer’s Journey

This podcast about software development is ideal for those developers who are also business savvy.

The show’s distinctive characteristic is that it begins with a live broadcast and ends with an “Ask Me Anything” part where audiences can join and ask questions.

The hosts bring up issues from software engineering, computer science, and other fields and skillfully combine them to offer an educational, beneficial, and captivating program.

Thanks to its thorough presentation, this program keeps its listeners informed and is included in every list of podcasts for computer science learners.

10. The Changelog

“Conversations with software’s pioneers, hackers, and leaders.” This is how The Changelog’s hosts, Jerod Santo, and Adam Stacoviak, describe their program.

The co-hosts conduct interviews each week with several of the top software developers. These are responsible for creating tomorrow’s software.

The hosts cover various spectrums of advanced technologies and news. They also glean helpful advice from their interviews to aid ambitious computer programmers and scientists.

The Bottom Line

You can learn about any topic with various learning methods. It’s an innovative and creative way to get information from experts quickly via podcasts.

If you plan to engage in the computer science industry, it’s a good idea to listen to the ten podcasts about this area mentioned above.

Each podcast discusses different topics from famous experts, but all of them are beneficial for aspiring learners.

If you know other podcasts, please share them with us in the comment section below. Thank you for reading, and see you in the next post!