10 Podcasts about Data Science You Shouldn’t Miss

Podcasts have become a popular source of information and education for individuals interested in data science.

These podcasts provide listeners with an easy and convenient way to learn about the latest developments and trends because they help people get practical tips and advice for pursuing a career in data science.

With the increasing amount of data generated, the demand for professionals with data science skills has skyrocketed. These 10 podcasts are the best choices to learn more about this field.

1. Data Skeptic

One of the top podcasts about data science is Data Skeptic. This podcast with Kyle Polich covers a wide range of data science-related subjects, such as machine learning, statistics, and data visualization.

Kyle explores each subject succinctly and with skepticism, making hard topics understandable to the audience. Data Skeptic offers mini-episodes that go further into particular topics in addition to the main show.

Data Skeptic is one of the best tools for anyone wishing to learn more about data science and keep up with the most recent advancements in the area, with a growing collection of over 300 episodes.

2. DataFramed

DataFramed is a highly-regarded podcast about data science and machine learning hosted by Hugo Bowne-Anderson.

This podcast show has almost 200 episodes and covers many subjects, such as data visualization, deep learning, and data science ethics.

Besides, expert interviews in each episode offer listeners a plethora of information and ideas. The entertaining and conversational structure of the podcast allows a broad audience to understand complex topics.

3. Analytics Power Hour

Eric Kavanagh and Gil Press host the well-known data science and analytics podcast Analytics Power Hour.

This podcast gives listeners helpful advice on how to leverage data to fuel corporate success, with a focus on big data and data-driven decision-making.

Experts usually discuss their experiences and provide advice on various data-related issues in each episode.

4. Women In Data Science

Women in Data Science is a groundbreaking podcast that focuses on the experiences and perspectives of women in this field.

This podcast, which is hosted by Dr. Hannah Brooks, offers a forum for female professionals to discuss their experiences, difficulties, and ideas.

Leading women in data science, including researchers, practitioners, and executives, are interviewed in each episode to offer a fresh and insightful perspective on the subject.

Women in Data Science is a vital resource for anybody trying to create a more inclusive data science community because of its variety and inclusiveness.

5. Data Futurology

Data Futurology, presented by a group of industry professionals, examines the most recent developments in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

This podcast always offers listeners a distinctive and insightful viewpoint on the future of data science and its effects on society.

One thing that will make you like this show is that leading experts and thought leaders will offer their insights on the most recent advancements in the industry in each episode.

Due to these reasons, this podcast gives listeners a peek into the future of data science with its interesting and educational content.

6. The Artists Of Data Science

The Artists of Data Science is a podcast that explores the creative and artistic side of data science.

This podcast offers a unique and engaging look into this interesting field. Besides, the experts present on this show constantly use the data they collect to tell interesting stories; their efforts have been and are creating impactful works.

At the same time, these experts will discuss the challenges and opportunities they face when using data as a research tool.

Whether you’re a data scientist, an artist, or simply interested in the intersection of data and art, The Artists of Data Science is a must-listen podcast.

7. Not So Standard Deviations

Many people claim that Not So Standard Deviations is one of the most highly regarded podcasts in the data science community.

With two seasoned statisticians, Hilary Parker and Roger Peng, the show delivers a distinctive viewpoint on the market through talks.

Anyone interested in this topic should listen to their enlightening and enjoyable chats, which are a wonderful blend of technical expertise, comedy, and real-world experiences.

8. Data Science at Home

Data Science at Home is a podcast that provides listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the data science field.

Like the other podcast shows on this list, it covers a variety of topics with the goal of helping listeners better understand the opportunities and challenges in this area.

In addition, the program includes interviews with leading data scientists, allowing listeners to gather knowledge from experts.

Anyone looking to learn more about this fascinating field will find Home Data Science an ideal resource thanks to its clear layout and interesting documentation.

9. The TWIML AI Podcast

This Sam Charrington-hosted podcast takes a close look at the most recent innovations and cutting-edge methods in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

What makes it stand out is it gives a distinctive perspective on the business by featuring interesting and easy-to-understand conversations on topics like deep learning, computer vision, and more.

The program also includes conversations with leading industry figures and opinion leaders, giving listeners access to a wealth of expertise.

10. Gradient Dissent

A team of knowledgeable scientists and experts spans the topics of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in Gradient Dissent.

The podcast is for machine learning practitioners, data scientists, and anybody else interested in these topics.

The hosts discuss their thoughts, experiences, and insights on data science in addition to wise suggestions and advice for dealing with data.


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Many successful data scientists come from diverse backgrounds and have varying levels of experience, and there is no specific age at which it is too late to start learning and working in this field.


Whether you’re a seasoned data scientist or just starting, these podcasts offer insights, perspectives, and practical tips from experienced practitioners and experts.

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