8 Pros and Cons of Being a Digital Marketer

Before undertaking a career path, you must understand its benefits and difficulties. For the marketing industry, we have prepared an article on the advantages and disadvantages of being a digital marketer.

This article will help you better understand this job to make the right choice. Read on to learn more!

Who is a Digital Marketer?

A digital marketer uses various platforms to promote a company’s goods and services to potential clients.

These people are capable of organizing and carrying out marketing efforts. They also check reports to establish and manage a company’s online presence.

Digital marketers can work in various roles in industries. They include digital advertising, social media, blogging, content marketing, email marketing, etc.

Besides, they have other tasks, such as strategic design and opportunity research. They often communicate with customers to analyze the effectiveness of that strategy.

A digital marketer uses Google Analytics

Let’s learn the opportunities and obstacles of being a digital marketer before chasing it! These shares will be helpful if you are wondering whether to pursue this job.

Let’s start with the benefits that this job brings:

1. Flexibility and Creativity

Digital marketing is a dynamic, changing, and evolving industry. It offers flexibility in time to work.

You can come up with your ideas and make changes whenever needed. Besides, there is no rigid format to follow in digital marketing campaigns.

Brands don’t care how much time you put in at work. What they need is that customers can know about their products. So, you need to be creative to create unique marketing strategies.

2. Growth rate

You can see that marketing on digital platforms is growing in popularity. After the epidemic period, consumers began to get used to buying online instead of going to the store. This situation leads brands to need more digital marketers.

Besides, its convenience lets companies invest in building an effective online marketing network. Whether customers know your product or not depends on the ability of a digital marketer.

As a result, the growth rate of this industry will be attractive for young people to pursue this career path.

3. Work with a Variety of Clients

As a digital marketer, your task is to bring the product’s image to the customer. There are many methods to do this.

Each brand will want you to use a different approach. In the end, you can work with many partners and gain a lot of experience.

Because each project has a different working time, you can work on many projects to earn extra income. Multitasking will help you learn how to manage your time while still ensuring the quality of your work.

4. High Potential for Impact

Unlike some jobs that offer a fixed monthly income, this job helps you to have a passive income.

When you help a brand popularize its product, you will receive a commission from future sales. If you do this job well, you will have a stable source of income.

Since your income often comes from product sales, this amount will increase if the brand makes a sale. So this is an attractive career path for those who love freedom and creativity in their work.

When becoming a digital marketer, you will encounter some difficulties:

5. High Competition

Is getting a job in digital marketing competitive

We have said digital marketing is attractive, so it is competitive. Many Gen Z people who love creativity and innovation have followed this career path.

Whether you can maintain your career depends on your passion and efforts. Never stop learning and experimenting to grow your strategic and creative mindset!

6. Evolving Field

The flexibility mentioned above can also become a disadvantage for digital marketers. With this job, you always stay up to date with the latest news, industry developments, and updates.

You cannot come up with strategic solutions to problems if you are not aware of the changes in the digital marketing industry. So you must grow to be on par with other digital marketers.

7. Many Hours of Work

Another disadvantage of digital marketing is that you must work long hours. To have an optimal marketing strategy, you must conduct research and survey consumer tastes.

Besides, you must cooperate with many departments to get the final result. Poor coordination will lead to delays in progress. Thus, you must manage your time to balance work with each other and between work and life.

8. Need a College Degree

You often also need a college degree to work for a reputable digital marketing company. Yes, there are places where someone is fortunate and has access to quality digital marketing work through connections.

You will need at least a Bachelor’s degree, and some digital marketing firms even demand a Master’s degree.

This condition suggests that you will need to devote years to your studies. You must make significant financial commitments because attending college may be rather pricey.

Is Becoming a Digital Marketer Worth It?

After going through the pros and cons above, you have your answer. Many digital platforms have appeared, signaling the rapid development of this field soon.

With advantages such as flexibility and potential, this job is attractive to those who dare to challenge themselves.

Make sure you have weighed the downsides we mentioned to make the right decision. It can be a very stressful job with hours of computer work.

If those downsides are not an issue, get started on this career path today!


If you love innovation and creativity, digital marketing is the area you should explore.

Yet, it will not suit those who are not good under pressure. You must consider the characteristics of this job to make the right decision.

Good luck with your career path!