10 Pros and Cons of Being a Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a popular job in recent times, especially for Gen Z. Those who love freedom and creativity are interested in this design industry.

So should you pursue it? Refer to the following advantages and disadvantages of being a graphic designer to have the answers. We will also answer some frequently asked questions related to this industry. Keep scrolling to learn more!

What is a Graphic Designer?

Graphic designers create concepts using specialized graphic design software. They ensure that their designs successfully express the information and illustrate the intended message.

The graphics in advertisements, magazines, or posters are their products. They usually start by coming up with an idea and then sketching.

To produce the final product, they must regularly discuss with the project owner to have suitable design options.

Graphic design in marketing helps businesses reach customers and grab their attention. Thus, a graphic designer is necessary for digital marketing.

Freelance designers

To start, let’s go to the benefits that this graphic design job brings:

1. Can Make Money

Jobs that require creativity will have higher remuneration than other jobs. According to our report, most graphic designers have a stable source of income because they put a lot of pigment into a product.

What they get is compensation for the time they spend and for their creativity. So the more they create a unique product, the higher their income will be.

2. Appreciation for Your Work

People always appreciate people who are creative and work like an artist. Graphic designers often create eye-catching and attractive graphic works.

Especially when you design graphics for a famous brand or event, many people will know your product and appreciate what you have done. This benefit is perhaps the most valuable reward for a designer.

3. Highly Coveted Skills

Since the skills of a graphic designer are very demanding and take a long time to practice, it is difficult for businesses to find many good people.

Meanwhile, many industries today need this person’s presence. For example, all industries need people to design logos, banners, and websites. So the demand for this industry is very high.

4. Can Work From Home

One advantage that many young people pursue in this field is that they can work from home. As long as you can create products, you can do it wherever and whenever you want.

This benefit is appealing to people constrained by schedules and workspaces.

5. Can Work for Many Companies

For graphic design, you usually take on a project-based job. This feature makes it possible to receive many projects from many different companies. From there, you can have more income and learn many new things.

Working on multiple projects at once will help you progress very quickly. It is because each company often has different requirements and standards.

6. Can Get Benefits from Social Sites

You will have opportunities as a graphic designer if you use social media platforms to prômte your work. Many famous graphic designers start as ordinary people who upload their work to the internet.

Use those channels to your advantage as they are free and allow you to grow your followers.

Desk Setup for Graphic Designer

Although graphic design is attractive, it has some disadvantages, such as high competition and stress. Let’s learn more in this section!

7. Design is Subjective

Beauty is different in everyone’s opinion. So what you design with passion may not be the same as what your customers like.

What makes it a problem is that you must change the design style to fit the customer’s needs. For some people, the process is very challenging and causes them to lose interest in their work.

8. Competitive Job

There are so many talented freelance designers that it can be tough to get started. They are experienced people and will be the first choice of companies.

Besides, there are many young people your age with better skills. Therefore, you need to constantly learn new knowledge and skills for more job opportunities.

9. Criticism and Demanding Clients

Of course, every job has demanding customers who want everything. This problem is challenging for those who are shy to communicate and cannot handle high pressure.

At this time, you have to stay calm and listen to the customer. Then answer their questions and complete their requests. If there are any difficulties, you must tell them so that the parties can find a solution.

10. Working All Day on a Computer

That’s the reality. Graphic designers work hours on the computer to create the best quality products.

Using computers a lot has a big impact on health. Some people will have eye problems, while others will have back problems.

If you are a graphic designer, work in moderation and divide your working time appropriately.


What Aspect of Being a Graphic Designer is the Hardest?

The hardest thing for a graphic designer is to lose inspiration. You cannot create a unique product without an idea.

Is Graphic Design a Hard or Soft Skill?

Graphic design is a kind of hard skill that you can hone with study and practice. More practice will help you become more professional. However, whether you can create a unique product depends a lot on creativity and mindset.

What is a Graphic Designer’s Greatest Weakness?

Graphic designers often have weak communication skills. Because they often work independently and only communicate with customers, they hardly communicate with other departments during their work.


Above are our shares about the pros and cons of being a graphic designer. So do you think this is the right job for you?

We recommend you start learning graphic design skills because it will help you a lot. Learning to become a graphic designer is not challenging that anyone can do. Thus, we hope you will succeed!