9 Pros and Cons of Being a Javascript Developer

JavaScript’s popularity creates job opportunities for many IT students who want to pursue a career as a JavaScript developer.

Many people worry whether they are suitable for this job or not. In this article, I will highlight some advantages and disadvantages of being a JavaScript developer to help you make more informed decisions about your future career.

What does a JavaScript Dev do?

Like C#, Java, and Python, JavaScript is a language that allows engineers to create software and websites. Its most significant application is creating websites that are updated in real-time and have good user interaction.

JavaScript developers must build and maintain the interface elements and content on apps or websites. Specific tasks include.

Application Optimization

JavaScript developers usually have to optimize apps and websites. They can integrate elements such as 3-D graphics, realistic maps, and videos on software or websites. So, they will create new features and fix the downsides of the old versions they worked on.

Besides, they help products become more user-friendly and convenient.

Coordinating Web Development

JavaScript developers will work with others to build websites for their clients but often work in teams. Combining front-end and back-end will create websites with easy-to-understand interfaces.

New Feature Development

Not only in charge of building and operating, but developers also have to expand their products. They will create various frameworks and plugins to improve software and web coding for greater convenience for the viewer.

Build Code and Libraries

Some notable projects will require JavaScript developers to build reusable code and libraries. These products can be applied to many software or websites, saving time and effort for future tasks.

JavaScript developers tend to have a good job prospect to pursue.

After knowing what a JavaScript developer is and the tasks they have to do, you need to know the pros and cons of this profession.

Since JavaScript is highly applicable, you will get many benefits in pursuing this path. Its main strengths are high salary, working space, and career growth.

1. High Salary

After graduating from college, the freshers typically earn only $75,000 yearly.

If you work hard to learn knowledge for yourself, you will quickly know how to overcome complex tasks. From there, you will greatly advance in work and increase your income. For longtime developers, their average income will be around $100,000 or even higher.

2. Good Job Prospects

You are pleased to know that the current job market demand for web developers in general and JavaScript developers is high compared to other professions.

Based on the data, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that developers will have 13% growth, equivalent to 25500 new job openings per year.

3. Good Working Space

They have an ideal working space to improve their expertise and life skills compared to other jobs.

They will work with many experts in related fields. And these experiences will provide practical lessons for young engineers so they can handle more complex challenges in the future.

4. Can Work From Home

Workspace flexibility is one of the biggest advantages you get with this job.

You can contract with companies and work in an office or build your career as a freelancer. Freedom at work will allow you to accept only the right projects and have more time to research the issues you care about.

5. Community Support

JavaScript is an open-source programming language, so you can access its vast resources, including libraries, frameworks, and tools. These resources can be helpful for you to save your time and effort on certain projects.

Also, JavaScript developers actively share their knowledge and expertise through various forums, social groups and online platforms. They usually get help with any problems newbies have in coding.

It has a large community support for your projects

To get this work’s benefits, you will have to overcome many challenges. It includes stressful working hours with complex tasks and health issues.

6. Long Working Hours

When you work as a JavaScript developer, you will always have to be willing to work overtime to complete the project on schedule.

In particular, the average time software developers spend is 40 hours per week or over 50 hours on rush projects.

7. Massive Workload

You might handle with the massive workload and stress in the long run

Not only will you have to deal with many active hours, but you will also have to do a lot of work. Many JavaScript developers have to do more than one project quickly with stress and tension.

This feature makes people who cannot multitask will need to think twice before pursuing a career as a developer.

8. Education Requirements

All employers will appreciate candidates with a college degree in programming for the company’s JavaScript developer position. So, candidates with computer degrees receive more chances from the HRs and better chances of getting a job.

To get a higher income, you will always have to train yourself with projects from college. Meanwhile, you also need to develop useful soft skills for your job.

9. Limit Physical Activity

JavaScript developers require you to sit at the computer for many hours a day, leaving you with little time for other sports activities.

Lack of exercise can factor into web developers’ severe health problems. I can mention diseases such as being overweight, diabetes, neck pain, and scoliosis.


To become a JavaScript developer, you must get a college degree and related JavaScript courses. Being under pressure, multitasking, and staying healthy are all essentials for you to start pursuing this career. Your salary will be well worth it if you can meet these strict requirements.

After knowing the pros and cons of being a JavaScript developer, you have a basis for making the right career choice. Good luck with your chosen path!