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7 Pros and Cons of Being a Professional Gamer

The advancement of the entertainment industry has made electronic esports a money-making opportunity. So, playing video games is no longer a time-wasting activity; it now becomes an opportunity for gamers to achieve fame and fortune.

There is no limitation on how many ways gamers can satisfy their fans with a flawless performance on the stage. In this post, let’s explore interesting facts about the esports industry and the advantages and disadvantages of being a professional gamer.

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Who Is A Professional Gamer?

Professional gamers refer to gamers with high skill in a particular game, allowing them to participate in esports tournaments and compete with other gamers to achieve the championship.

Depending on the games they are playing, professional gamers can play alone in single-player games or become a part of an esports team.

They have a burning desire to dominate the game and become esports legends. Professional gamers spend about 10 to 12 hours daily strengthening their skill.

In addition, pro gamers can promote their brand by participating in promotional events or streaming on gaming platforms. Unique brands help them attract sponsors that expand their influence on social media.

An Esport Team

Nothing is more exciting than making money from your passion; therefore, professional gamers have made their dreams come true.

1. Competitive Salary & Prize Money

Depending on personal skills and experience, professional gamers can earn a living from different sources, including prize money, sponsorship deals, and streaming revenue.

According to the LPL league, an experienced player can earn around $50,000 to over $100,000 annually. Esports tournaments have built their reputation on lavish prize money, attracting teams worldwide.

League of Legend world championship and Dota 2 are two esports tournaments offering the highest prize money in history. In 2023, the prize pool for their champions was over $40 million, a massive prize for an esports team.

Gamers have many opportunities to improve themselves

2. Recognition and Fame

Many people have changed their opinion toward pro gamers. No longer is the idea of a guy wasting their time playing video games all day. Professional gamers have high standards from esports teams.

Moreover, establishing export tournaments such as the League of Legends championship and PUBG championships has contributed to the credibility of the esports industry.

These stages offer pro players a chance to prove themself and attract the attention of professional esports teams. When joining a famous esports team, they can take an important step toward achieving fame and money.

3. Opportunities to Travel and Compete

Professional esports tournaments can take place in different countries around the world, from Europe to Asia. Professional gamers must travel to particular locations to compete with the best players from other countries.

The opportunity to travel and compete with other pro players allow professional gamers to broaden their horizon and have a clear view of their skills.

Many esports teams organize training sessions in different locations that improve players’ soft skills, including communication, presentation, and analysis.

So, they can learn new things about the game and stay ahead of the curve in this industry. There is no limitation on new things you can learn from sports.

4. Passion for Gaming Turned Into a Career

A burning passion is necessary to succeed in your career, and the esports industry is no exception. Professional players foster their love when they are still very young.

They have improved their skills and mindset to dominate the game. The harmonious combination of the body’s parts is required if they want to be a master and join a professional team.

A professional gamer’s career starts when they sign their first contract with a sports team. This gives them many opportunities to show off personal skills.

Passion for gaming turns into a career that requires dedication and hard work. They cannot become living legends if they spend their time playing video games without high concentration and appropriate strategy.

Despite all the fame and fortune, professional gamers face many problems that affect their overall health over time.

5. High Competition and Pressure

Pro gamers must spend 12 hours per day training and mapping out strategies in matches. Some team-up games require players to communicate and work with their teammates, so poor performance can affect the result of the whole team.

Strong communication skills are very important in esport.

6. Physical and Mental Strain

Intense practice can result in health problems, making them depressed over time. Many players have to meet their psychiatrists after practice.

Arthropathy is common for players playing FPS or Moba games, requiring high-intense arm and shoulder movements.

7. Unpredictable Income

Even though professional gamers can have promising careers with high salaries and welfare, many inexperienced players have very low wages and don’t have credible stages to showcase their skills.

Generally, the esports team will cover their living costs to compensate for the low salaries. They can live in the gaming house to train and wait for their opportunity to prove themselves.

Is Becoming a Professional Gamer Worth it?

The answer is yes, in addition to the rewarding prize from tournaments and sports teams. Professional gamers can enjoy immersing themselves in passion and a highly competitive environment.

High stress puts them to become a better version after a tournament. They become more resilient and skillful at achieving the glory of the champion.

Which Skill Do You Need To Have To Be A Professional Gamer?

The most important skills you need are exceptional gaming skills that give you outstanding performance. It might include high-level strategic thinking and good communication contributing to the team’s goals.

It takes a lot of work and planning to be a professional gamer. Effective time management, a substantial degree of self-discipline, and an art commitment are requirements for players.


To sum up, being a professional gamer gives gamers many opportunities to strengthen their skills and broaden their horizons.

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