6 Pros and Cons of Being a UX Designer

There is an essential question that everyone interested in UX design asks. It is “what are the advantages and disadvantages of being a user experience designer?” Indeed, you can choose the right career path after reading this article.

Besides, you will have plans to deal with those difficulties if you know them in advance. Fortunately, our article has everything you need to know about this job!

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Who is a UX Designer?

A UX designer creates user interfaces for digital products. These people also design websites and mobile apps.

They will create an intuitive and seamless experience for users. To do so, they must conduct user research. They will then create user portraits and develop wireframes. This work will not be successful without the usability testing step.

Their product has to solve their problems and deliver a positive experience. So they must have a deep understanding of user behavior and design principles.

They work with other product development team members. A UX designer can work internally for a company or as a consultant for multiple clients.

Desk Setup for UX Designer

You need to understand the pros and cons of this career. Then, you can get started and do your job well. Let’s discover what they can be!

Right now, let’s see what benefits this job gives you! We guarantee that after reading this article, you will love this job right away.

1. High Demand & Competitive Salary

It is a fact we all see that the demand for UX designers has steadily increased over the years. This phenomenon is because companies realize the importance of creating user-friendly products.

This fact leads to an attractive salary for professionals in the field. Our report says that $85,000 is your average annual income if you work in this field.

But plenty of UX designers out there make over $100,000 per year. The reason for this salary often comes from the unique skills these designers have.

They are capable of doing many different tasks. Besides, as technology integrates more into our daily lives, the demand for UX designers increases rapidly. They can design mobile apps and smart home devices.

2. Opportunities to be Creative & Innovative

You will have many chances to be creative and innovative at work. Especially if you work in this field. So you always stay up to date with the latest technologies.

An example of this benefit is that you can use virtual reality to create immersive user experiences. You can also use machine learning to personalize based on user preferences and behavior.

3. Collaboration with a Team

Working with many people will help you create a successful and impactful product. By collaborating with stakeholders, UX designers can better understand user needs. This benefit can inform the design process and create a more efficient product.

Besides, designers can ensure that the design is technically feasible. As a result, they will align with the overall vision of the product.

You can have more ideas and perspectives at work. From there can spark new and creative design solutions.

The industry is constantly changing.

4. Constantly Changing Industry

As you can see, new and emerging technologies are shaping UX design. Typical in this advancement can be mentioned artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Besides, the constantly evolving design trends have changed the preferences and expectations of users. So UX designers must stay updated with these advancements. And incorporate them into their design solutions. Only in doing so can they deliver the best user experience.

5. Pressure to Deliver Results

UX designers often work to tight deadlines. This issue can create pressure to deliver results quickly. Not everyone can make a quality product in a short time.

It can be challenging because creating a user experience needs time and attention to detail. Pressure to deliver results quickly can lead to shortcuts that negatively impact user experience.

Besides, when working as a UX designer, you must work closely with units. These units may have different priorities and views. This issue can create pressure to deliver results that meet everyone’s expectations.

6. Balancing User Needs & Business Goals

First, the goals of the business and the user may be in sync with each other. This problem will put pressure on you if you do not master the necessary techniques.

Besides, UX designers must take customer feedback into account when designing products. It can create pressure to deliver results that meet customer needs and preferences. But it may conflict with the interests of the company.

Is Becoming a UX Designer Worth It?

In short, this job gives you more benefits than disadvantages. It can be a rewarding career path. Especially for people who are passionate about designing products that improve people’s lives.

This job is second to none when it comes to job opportunities. The intense development of technology is the factor that makes this job always hot.

This benefit can provide job security and career development opportunities. As a result, you will earn a competitive salary.

Do not hesitate to pursue this career if you love to learn and create. But the pressure of work can make you discouraged. This job will take you a lot of effort and time to complete the tasks. So you must know how to organize your time.


So, is this job right for you? We think this job will suit you if you are creative and love technology.

This job has high applicability and an attractive salary. But if you are worried about its difficulties, you should create plans in advance. For more knowledge about other jobs, visit our website!