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8 Pros and Cons of Being a Web Designer

Many young people want to become web designers to create modern websites. This job allows you to be creative. But you will probably have a hard time dealing with deadlines.

So knowing the advantages and disadvantages of being a web designer is very important. Our sharing will help you visualize the benefits and difficulties you will face in this field. Thus, read on to discover!

Who is a Web Designer?

Nowadays, you can see a lot of modern and beautiful websites. They are all the work of web designers. They are the people who design and create the websites we use every day.

They are responsible for the visual aesthetics and layout of those websites. We can see that they are creators. They use what they have learned to create an attractive and functional website.

To do that, they must be good at many design-related skills. In particular, they must master graphic design skills.

Web Designers Are in High Demand

First, you will know the reasons why you should pursue this career path!

1. Creative Freedom

In this field, you can express your creativity and design a website in your unique style. Customers will often not limit your ability but let you work freely. As long as you can make a quality product.

This experience will help you experiment with different design elements. Of course, you have to be creative according to certain principles. Balance aesthetic relations with practical relations. Always remember that your end goal is a user-friendly website.

2. High Demand

We consider it to be the benefit of being a web designer. It is because of the growth of the internet these days, so the growing number of online companies has created a need for professionally designed websites.

They are willing to spend money to design a quality website. It also attracts the target audience. Besides, designers must learn and practice a lot to be good in this field. So you can see that not everyone can do this job. That situation leads to a few quality web designers, resulting in a high demand for them.

3. Variety of Industries

We can see web designers are in demand in many different areas of life. From healthcare to retail to finance have their presence.

Specifically, they can change fields of work continuously. It is because they will do many projects with different clients.

Today they can design a website for a hospital. But a month later, you’ll find them working for an e-commerce site.

This variety can help keep work interesting and challenging. At the same time, it offers valuable chances to learn and grow for those not afraid of change.

As a result, they broaden their skills and knowledge to take on more difficult projects. This collection of experience will prevent them from being left behind if the field develops rapidly.

4. Ability to Work Remotely

Web designers do not need to be present at work. Their mission is to complete the product on time. So their working location does not bother customers.

As a result, you can work remotely. This form of work will help you feel more flexible. You can work anywhere, from your home to your familiar coffee shop.

Also, you can change the workspace whenever you want. Many web designers share that they feel comfortable working as a freelancer. This benefit makes them more productive.

Besides, remote working can save you time and travel costs. Instead of spending hours driving to work, you can start work right out of bed. Does it sound great?

Working from Home

5. Pressure To Keep Up With Technology

As a web designer, you will be under pressure to keep up with technology. This process is to not be left behind.

We have seen the web design trend constantly change just in the last few years. So you won’t create trendy products if you don’t keep up with these innovations.

Besides, customers are increasingly demanding in this design field. Today, in addition to the basic experience, web designers have to create outstanding utilities. Only then can they stand firm in this market.

6. Tight Deadlines

Customers often need their projects completed quickly. This problem means that deadlines are constantly changing or being shortened. So you will feel pressure to work as a web designer.

You must be highly organized and efficient. You must know how to prioritize essential tasks. But the product quality will not be able to meet the needs of customers if you are too hasty. This problem can be stressful.

7. Balancing Creativity and Technical Skills

This challenge has probably plagued many web designers today. So, how to balance these two? Indeed, you have to approach very differently in the web design process. The only way you can handle this is to keep learning.

Besides, you have to observe the seniors to learn from them. You also experiment continuously to get the right approach for your project. It is the way for you to assert yourself in this competitive industry.

8. Competition for Jobs

Because this job brings many benefits to web designers, many young people are pursuing it. This situation leads to a fiercely competitive market for those new to the job.

Besides, this job does not need a degree. To become a web designer, you can take basic graphic design classes. So it is not too difficult to enter this job.

But getting a foothold into this field is an arduous process. You have to assert yourself among the countless contestants out there.

Is Becoming a Web Designer Worth It?

Honestly, this job is attractive if you have the necessary skills. How easy it is to find a fun and liberating job like this! So if you love technology and design, we heartily recommend you follow this career path.

But of course, it has some downsides that you can consider, for example, work pressure and high competition. But if you are not afraid to change and accept challenges, we believe these problems cannot affect you.

However, you also have to consider your passion. You must ask yourself questions to find the job you love the most.


After reading our share of the pros and cons of becoming a website designer, how do you feel about this job? In short, we recommend starting this job if you are creative and willing to learn. Nothing is too challenging if you know how to try.

You must have plans for the risks you will encounter. Then you will have suitable options. In the end, good luck with your career path!