7 Pros and Cons of Being a WordPress Developer

WordPress is one of the most fundamental platforms that help you create and develop your application and websites. Software builders will inevitably learn to manage and utilize this system.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of being a WordPress developer? Can you earn a high income when working as a WP developer? I will discuss these questions and give you objective answers.

Who is a WordPress Developer?

WordPress developers can design and deploy multiple websites using WordPress creation tools. With this platform, they develop both front-end and back-end by creating themes and plugins. They need to create attractive and user-friendly websites from customer requirements.

The main jobs of a WordPress engineer.

  • Fix, write, and test code.
  • Maintain a website’s architecture and design.
  • They create and build new functions or features.
  • Make the requirements of hirers into specifications.
Working remotely is ideal for WP developers.

So, what are the advantages of working as a WordPress engineer? How do the benefits compare to the potential setbacks? The following sessions will give you a detailed explanation.

1. High Demand

Nowadays, there are more than four hundred million websites that run on WordPress. This number represents one-third of the web industry and keeps expanding exponentially.

For this reason, workers specializing in WordPress will see substantially high demands from the market. The more competent you are, the easier it is to seek a lucrative job opportunity.

In addition, this high demand has pushed the salary of WordPress workers and increased their welfare. You can easily apply for a company using your proven skills and credentials in this field.

2. Job Outlook

The WordPress system has steadily become a popular and reliable CMS. So, the job opportunities for WordPress developers are expanding relentlessly.

Statistics also indicate that around 17,99 job opportunities will be available yearly for WordPress engineers.

3. Access to a Large Community

You can connect with a sizable community of computer science enthusiasts through various online communities. These are a few instances:

Programming languages, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer science-related topics are covered in many forums.

For programmers, Stack Overflow is a well-known question-and-answer website. It’s an excellent location to meet other programmers and get assistance.

4. Flexibility

Like the other IT majors, a WordPress developer can work remotely from any location. You need an internet connection and IT devices to do your job.

You can work on a client-based project using your computer. As long as the task is not due date, you can flexibly adjust your working schedule.

Balancing creativity and technical skills can make a difference.

Working as a WP developer can be challenging for high-tech adepts; even experienced employees constantly complain about the high standard and complex requirements.

5. Pressure To Keep Up With Updates & Changes

Working in the computer science industry is synonymous with constant learning, as it helps WP devs keep informed in the era of technology, allowing them to remain competitive with other companies in the market.

In recent years, thousands of applications and technology have been released, proving our society’s rapid growth. Without a proper approach, WordPress developers can meet the high demands of clients and companies.

6. Balancing Creativity & Technical Skills

Nothing is more exciting than creating new applications with unlimited creativity. You can make a hit in the market only by following standard norms.

Innovation is the key to success and long-lasting value. Therefore, don’t hesitate to cultivate your ideas and experience new things during your career. Strong technology skills can facilitate your idea’s growth process.

7. Competition for Jobs

The high demand results in tremendous competition between high-tech companies and employees. They have to prove their domination in the industry in the hope of making as much profit as possible.

Therefore, IT workers must reinforce their skills and creativity. From there, they can make a difference between hundreds of other candidates.

Is Becoming a WordPress Dev Worth It?

The short answer is yes. WordPress development has become a promising field in computer science for many years. Here are some reasons that determine the popularity of WordPress development.

  • High demand

WordPress dominates the content management system in the world, which is about 40% of the industry. Therefore, the need for experienced WordPress developers has been high recently.

  • Versatility

Every aspect of our life, including blogs, personal websites, companies, and more, come with WordPress, allowing WordPress developers to work in various fields depending on knowledge and preferences.

  • Work from home

More and more companies allow their WordPress developers to work remotely as long as they finish deadlines on time. This helps them work flexibly and have more time with their beloved ones.

  • Constant learning

WordPress development is constantly evolving, especially in the world of high technology. WordPress developers must update information every day if they want to develop in the future.

With a good learning attitude, their expertise will develop over time, allowing them to take over more complex projects, making more value and money.

Which Skill Do You Need?

IT learners must acquire many necessary elements that help them become WP developers. Apart from a solid understanding of programming languages, they must have a sharp mind.

Whether IT learners still pursue a computer science bachelor’s degree at universities or after graduation, they should be proficient in Java and PHP, which are firm foundations for advanced WordPress development in the future.

From there, IT learners are aware of WordPress developments and their functions. This helps information technology save time and money on training and enhancing new employees’ expertise.

Over time, they can specialize in numerous fields of WordPress, such as cybersecurity, system protection, and performance optimization.

Problem-solving skills are essential for potential problems or emergencies. Experienced developers can immediately find solutions for system issues as they arise.

They will analyze the situation and choose suitable approaches for it. Depending on the current severity, these professionals can troubleshoot problems flexibly.

In addition, devs with good time management skills are likely to be more successful than those without.

Because they have to deal with uncountable tasks and deadlines simultaneously, prioritizing essential tasks and setting a good working schedule can reduce the chance of getting overwhelmed at work.

Therefore, a WordPress developer is a harmonious combination of profound knowledge and solid and soft skills. They are not only experts in their field but also good social butterflies.


Being a WordPress developer has many undebatable advantages, allowing developers to become a new version of themselves over time.

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