11 Pros and Cons of Being an AI Engineer

AI has been one of the most talked about topics. Accordingly, robots and AI software even can enhance all human tasks.

With such great power, the demand for jobs in artificial intelligence, like AI engineers, is always at a high record.

But is it the career you should pursue? After reviewing the pros and cons of being an artificial intelligence engineer included in the article, you will have the answer.

Let’s check it out now!

What is an AI Engineer?

AI engineers use knowledge related to programming, software engineering, and data science to build models, develop, and maintain AI systems.

These people also use machine learning algorithms or deep learning neural network knowledge to suggest and recommend changes.

Another task of an AI engineer is to build apps for advertising and language translation, for example. In short, everything is about applying AI to real life.

AI engineers can work in many different companies. Netflix, Youtube, and Spotify are the leading platforms using machine learning to enhance user experience.

And these companies will need AI engineers to handle the task. In addition, transportation, healthcare, and education are areas in great need of AI engineers.

Artificial Intelligence

To become an AI engineer, you must know deeply about many complex areas, such as math, engineering, and IT. However, your efforts will be rewarded with the advantages of this career.

1. High Demand

Currently, many companies are tending to invest in AI. The number of AI startups is increasing rapidly every year. According to a LinkedIn report, job demand for AI engineers has increased by 74% in just four years.

2. Innovative Job

AI is a dynamic field that covers many issues in the technology sector and impacts many industries.

Pursuing this career, you will apply your computer science and engineering knowledge to create new and helpful projects. AI apps such as self-driving cars, automatic software, and virtual assistants have always been exciting.

3. Impactful Technology

AI pursuers need a firm grasp of calculus and math. In contrast, those with IT backgrounds can easily switch to AI research.

4. High Salary

AI engineering is a job with quite an attractive salary. In the US, an AI engineer will receive about $158,311/year and about $76.11/hour.

Those starting in their careers can expect an excellent salary of around $130,000/year. Meanwhile, many professional experts can earn $209,000/year.

5. Positive Job Growth

Career growth with AI engineers is always at a high level. In particular, the recruitment demand for AI-related positions is expected to grow by 15% within just 10 years from 2019 to 2029.

As AI data collection increases, so will the need for data, machine learning, and AI experts. So, AI engineers will advance their careers in the coming time.

6. Influence

As an AI engineer, you will make a powerful impact on changing the world. With new AI technologies, you will help companies solve complex problems and improve efficiency.

AI engineers can have a significant impact on society. Indeed, lifesaving medical technologies AI or virtual assistants can make everyday life more convenient.

7. Global Exposure

AI engineers can work with clients from all over the world. With the increasing demand for AI adoption in many areas, businesses look to hire talented people to help them compete in the global market.

By working on global projects, AI engineers can gain experience from different cultures and challenges.

AI is an innovative technology

AI engineering is undeniably a great job. People in this field receive attractive salaries and work in a creative environment. Yet, this career has many challenges, and not all employees can overcome some difficulties.

8. Learning Curve

AI engineers work in a daily changing field that requires deep thinking and knowledge. Therefore, the person pursuing this job needs to be constantly in-update with the latest algorithms.

Skills with frameworks, big data, math, Spark, and programming can be daunting for any senior worker.

9. High Pressure

AI engineers have to deal with large workloads that require high accuracy. They must solve problems that arise in real time and think creatively in all cases.

These requirements make AI engineers often face high pressure when dealing with errors and completing projects.

10. Ethical Concerns

AI is a field that has gained remarkable growth in recent years, and now is also the right time to start a career in this area. Yet, besides the positive changes that AI brings, it also raises several issues related to security or ethical concerns.

11. Job Burnout

AI engineers need to work hard to meet stakeholder requirements. They must always create software, applications, product testing, project organization planning, and more. Therefore, AI engineers often work overtime and burn out without good time management or teamwork.

Who should be an AI Engineer?

Artificial intelligence has been a booming industry in recent times. And this industry will still maintain its attractiveness in the future.

Along with AI breakthroughs, the demand for job positions for engineers in this field is also higher than ever. Even if 4.5 million AI engineers graduate in the US in 2020, companies still thirst for quality talent.

The salary that an AI engineer receives is much higher than average. Compared to other engineering-related jobs, this job gets a much more impressive salary.

Also, AI engineering is a smooth job. You will be exposed to the latest advancements and unleash your creativity. The above advantages make AI engineering one of the most worthwhile careers to pursue today.

In particular, if you pursue a major in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, you can develop in AI jobs.


Above are some advantages and disadvantages of being an AI engineer. If you are interested in AI engineering and are convinced by its advantages, why not try this field? You are sure to have exciting career growth as an engineer.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us with comments below. We will give you a timely answer. Thank you for following this post!